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    Great deal on stability balls at CostCo!

    For those of you looking for a fabulous deal on stability balls... CostCo has a set of 3 "The Tri-ball Kit" by Bell for just $24.95! The kit includes a 65cm round body ball, an oblong "ergo" body ball and a "nubby" massage body ball. The kit also includes a foot air pump and 30 minute...
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    Cathe - Fitness Posters/Photos?

    Hi Cathe! Do you have posters or large photos of you and the "crew" available for sale? I would love to put one on the wall in the room I work out in for additional motivation and inspiration. I am a new Cathe convert and LOVE your workouts! In about 1 month's time I am already seeing...
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    Cathe, type and length of mat in Pyramid dvd mat exerci...

    Hi Cathe! Can you tell me what type of mat is used in the Pyramid dvd mat/stability ball exercises? I would also like to know the length and width of the mat. Thanks! :)