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    Finally saw Cathe's co-production with The Step in my store

    I knew it was coming but hadn't seen it until today: The home version of The Step, Cathe's Body Fusion dvd, a resistance band and hand weights. I forgot to note the price though, sorry. This was the first time I have seen this kit in a store or anywhere quite frankly. It was very nice to see...
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    Flexibility and balance and more stability ball work please

    I'd like to see just for once a "kinder, gentler" Cathe workout that focuses on flexibility and balance. And, if you could incorporate the stability ball, medicine ball and/or body bar that would be even better. Thanks, Cathe.
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    Rotation for 40+ with slowing metabolism, osteoporosis fam. hist.

    Hi Cathe, (or any of you other posters out there), Love your tapes first of all, but here is my question: I will turn 42 next month and I see some peri-menapausal type symptoms starting to creep up on me: slower metabolism, fat redistribution, increasing weight, anxiety. I also have a lot of...