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    Help with cathe live pleaseeee!

    Thank you! I deleted and redownloaded app on Roku tv yesterday. Will I need to do so again? Will there be a new code link for the update on Roku? I am at work and so I will have to try again tonight. Thank you! I appreciate your information!
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    Help with cathe live pleaseeee!

    I do cathe live almost daily on my Roku tv! It is always logged in automatically when I click into the app. Today, for some weird reason, it said invalid username and/password. I attempted for two hours to get on there and couldn’t. I reset internet, I deleted app and re-downloaded it, I tried...
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    Cannot sign into live

    I have been logged in automatically forever on cathe live on my Roku tv. For some reason today it said invalid username or password. I tried to get on there almost two hours today and couldn’t! I have changed my password etc and I can get logged in just fine on my phone.I do cathe live almost...
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    Hi Cathe! Not new here, lurker, but new poster! So sorry about your injury, hope you heal soon!! :) Now, my question! I know you own a gym, and I am wondering, do you know if the "Buttblaster" is a good effective piece of equipment? Any info. greatly appreciated! PS>> I am so anxiously awaiting...
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    Anyone ever try Joyce Vedral Workouts

    Hi:) I am finding that I am enjoying Joyce Vedrals workouts lately, with the lower weight 3-10 pounds, and faster reps, even tho, Joyces cuing is nowhere in the area of Cathes:)) She is good to use for a change, I just wrapped up Cathes August Rotation for Fat Loss and Definition and wanted some...
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    Cathe, SNM!! Is music volume supposed to be this low?

    RE: Cathe, SNM!! Is music volume supposed to be this l... Im also one that is new to posting on the board, altho I have been loving and enjoying Cathe for the last 2 1/2 years:)) I have only previewed a few workouts so far, but I completely agree, the music is SO low! I couldnt believe it, and...
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    Had old email addy when ordered Hardcore!! :((

    I have checked, and it says its unable to track by my phone #?? I dont know what to do? Perhaps its not into the system yet? I ordered early on, but I am having trouble locating my printout of my actual order, so I cant even say what my order # is:(((, I am getting very worried, probably...
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    Had old email addy when ordered Hardcore!! :((

    Hi! :) I have recently changed from earthlink to AOL, and when I ordered, the Hardcore Series, my email was different, and I am terribly worried that I may not get the email I should get for delivery of Hardcore?? Can anyone help me figure out how to find out when mine ship? I'm so excited, I...