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    An Old Friend :o)

    Hi Cathe, :) I just wanted to chime in and say “MS. Lovely” you have out did yourself. I was checking out the descriptions and some video clips from Xtrain and OMG..... Lady, this series is a freaking masterpiece. I can’t wait.:rolleyes::rolleyes::D Merry Christmas. An old friend for...
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    regarding Xtrain..........

    I know pre sale ends Oct 30th, does this mean I can order on the 30th before midnight? Thank you:)
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    Regardin XTrain

    Hey guys, I can not find Cathe's customer service phone number; does anyone know it. Thank you.
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    Hard Core Fitness Maniacs Sat 3/14

    Happy Saturday:D Today, I did Cardio Kicks and STS d-14 legs. Have a great day all.;)
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    Hard Core Fitness Maniacs Friday, 13th

    Happy Friday;) Man oh man, I am getting good sleep:) only woke twice, usually serveral times. Any who, I overslept, hit the alarm and off I went:) really disappointed, bc, I wanted to get in my cardio before weigh lifting. Today, I did, STS d-8 back & triceps, really feeling it, can't...
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    Hard Core Fitness Maniacs 3/24

    Morning :D Today, I did legs & glutes and 4 day split chest shoulders and Tri's. Have a wonderful day all. BBL
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    Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for 3/22

    Morning :D Yesterday 5 mile run:) This morning, 4 Day Split Back and Biceps, and Les Mill Step:) BBL
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    Hardcore Fitness Maniac Jan 18th

    Morning Guys :D Today, I did 4 Day Split all upper :) This workout is da bomb I really enjoyed it.
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    Hardcore Fitness Maniacs Jan 14th

    Morning:D Today, I did CC#8 and Abs. Have a wonderful day guys :) Stats: 474 cals burned 60:06 time 4:20 miles
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    Hardcore Fitness Maniacs Jan 13th

    Good Morning,:D This morning, I did Barry’s Bootcamp Chest & abs, I must say……I LOVED IT;):eek:;), really. The workout is a bit different hitting and working the muscles good. The ab work is good too; I am sore. After I finished weigh work hopped on treadie for a 23 min HiiT. Debbie winter...
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    Hard core Fitness Maniacs for Wed Jan 11

    Morning Guys:D This morning, I did Barry’s Boot camp I did all three sections weigh/cardio/treadmill. Okay, here’s the thing; not sure how I am feeling about it. Yes, the workout was totally different than what I am uses to doing “Cathe” of course. I felt the pace was to fast; talking about...
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    Hard Core Fitness Maniacs 1/1/2012

    Happy New Year Guys :D Work out this morning, 45 minutes on my treadmill.:rolleyes: Have a wonderful day :)
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    Hard Core Fitness Maniacs Nov 15th

    Hey guys, :D Sorry I did not check in Monday. However, I ended up doing a 35 minute HIIT interval training on my treadmill, which ended me up in bed with a heating pad on my back. Saturday we worked really hard in my yard; cutting up 2 small trees and raked 8 bags of leaves. Today, my back...
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    Hard Core Fitness Maniacs 12/12

    This morning, I did P90x Stretch and Ab ripper. I tell you…….stretching felted soooooo dam good, after yesterday leg workout I could barely walk this morning and trying to come down my stairs was crazy. Now, I feel so much limber, truly an awesome decision. Ab ripper, hm.... one tough ab w/o...
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    Hard Core Fitness Maniacs Nov 7

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    Hardcore Fitness Maniacs May 14,2011

    Morning :D Om I get to start us off!!!!! Today, I decided it was time for a bit of Kickboxining, to get these ole arm moving again, yeah:) I did KPC my fav and KM leg drills. Have a wonderful day all:)
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    Hardcore Fitness Maniac Hotties 2/27

    Afternoon :D Today I started my week off with 4DS all upper. Know what? This workout felted very easy to me, hm…………… Chest and Back DB one arm rows 10/16 20/8 Push ups 16 Db rows 20/8 Push ups 16 Round 2 BB rows (2x7) 40 Incline fly 20/12 BB underhand rows (2x7) 40 DB Chest flys 20/12...
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    Hard Core Fitness Maniacs for Tues Jan 25th

    Hi,:) This morning, I did Kickmax & leg drills!!! Let me just say, this morn, the workout was not easy like before. I sweated buckets of water, my hair, clothes and pants was drenched, gee! Good news, today my pants are a bit looser. I was looking at my body and it is starting to take on a bit...
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    Morning guys;):D Quick check in I have 3 of my grandkids, just want to check in before they awake. Stated with a slow steady jog then on disc 9 legs. Stats 35:00 time 268 cals burned 2:31 miles Squat lunges sequence 8/4 10 One legged sit and stand #10 15r DB lateral step ups #15 15r DB...
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    Morning :p This morn, I revisited an old friend, wait for it........:rolleyes: Kickmax omg, what was I thinking this workout is GREAT!!! My energy level was off the chain. Its' been years since I did the entire workout, will be reaching for it more.