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    Workouts on Mon 2/23

    I thought I might start this workout thread for today. Currently, my rotation is a 3 day split with two cardios and one circuit day. (5 day rotation total weekends off) Monday is legs. This morning I did Legs & Glutes Extreme. Ouch! I normally do regular L&G and them play tennis...
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    4 week strength rotation

    this will be a 3 day split with weekends off: WEEK ONE AND THREE: Monday: Legs & Glutes, Ab choice Tuesday: PS BBA & 30-45" cardio choice* Wednesday: PS CST & 30-45" cardio choice* Thursday: PS L&A Friday : Boot Camp Saturday & Sunday: rest or stretch WEEK TWO AND FOUR: Monday...
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    post my picture

    Hi Everyone. I am just tried to put my picture on my profile and want to see if it works. Enjoy your Sunday, and if you are her in Rochester, NY congratulations on a record breaking snowfall for January! I'll be out shoveling...again for my "active day off" of working out! Judy...
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    KPC: Kickbox/High Step Circuit & Abs Premix

    Here is a FANTASTIC premix: Kickbox/Hi Step Circuit & Ab premix It was fantastic! The cardio portion is combos 1,2&3 alternated with leg press segments from L&G on the high step (with 15# dumb bell). It really challenged my legs and heart! I added a 3" cool down on my bike before...
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    Helpful tips for Plantar Fascitis (long)

    In response to the person with Plantar Fascitis: After having PF and bone spurs from the prolonged inflamation I can empathise with you. My pain was to the point that putting weight on my foot first thing in the morning was dreaded. Here are the changes that really helped me to get the...
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    substitute for leaner legs?

    There was a post a some time ago about what to combine to get a decent substitute for Leaner Legs and I forgot to make a note of it. Can anyone recommend a combination of segments from other Cathe workouts that would equal Leaner Legs? Or does any one remember the reply? Thanks in...
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    Ok, anyone here from Rochester, NY?

    From Rochester, NY here looking for fellow Catheites! Judy
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    "?" Balancing - stretching, cardio and weight lifting?

    I have been doing rotations with Cathe workouts for several years. My results have been GREAT. The IS series has been really effective for me! My concern is that I don't stretch enough. I am usually stiff in my hamstrings and sometimes my adductosr and abductors. This stiffness is more...
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    Premix varieties take 2

    Oops I hit wrong button! Here is my question: I do not have Leaner legs and am looking to put together an equivalent workout from existing workouts. Can anyone design one ? I have PH, the Intensity Series, MIS, PS series, S&H series, Circuit Max, Cardio Kicks, Body Max and other step...
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    correction: Tabatchnick

    For any one interested in finding these soups from the healthy lunch topic. I misspelled the name. The correct spelling is Tabatchnick brand frozen soups. They are based in New Jersey, but I get them in Rochester, NY at Wegmans Supermarkets. Judy
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    One Body part Per Day rotation

    One Body Part Per Day Aug/Sept 2003 Likes2bfit Monday: PUB chest, PS Chest, Cardio Kicks about 39" up to intensity power drills & then stretch Tuesday: PUB Back, PS Back, any "Cathe" Ab segment, 30-40" of any Cathe Step video & stretch Wednesday: PUB shoulders, PS shoulders, 30-40"...
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    virus alert

    Just wanted to let people know that I was hit by a virus yesterday, and to be aware. If you get an email that looks official from AOL about "you've got pictures" it may be a hoax. It was on my email, I clicked it and it nothing happened. Later when I tried to sign on again, my account was...
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    midlife metabolism issues

    A short time ago there was a post about aging and maintaining weight. I responded about Dr. Peeke and her book Fighting Fat after Forty. The book and her lifestyle are quite effective and medically sound and safe. Here is a link to her web site: She is...
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    ? about modification for lunges and squats

    Cathe, Can you advise me on a modification, actually a substitute for squats and lunges? For Squats in ME,I have been doing glute raises on the ball (like in PLB), adding #15 pound dumb bell. The count is following what you and the crew are doing in ME. Is this adivsable? During the...
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    Swim Interval workout whipped me!

    Today I tried a swim interval workout for the first time, and I just have to say it really was challenging! I only swam 2600 yards in just under 50 minutes on intervals but my heart-rate was really up. I have a new appreciation for all the swimmers out there, including my 12 year old...
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    fit @forty...

    Is that you on AOL giving an exercise tip?! you go girl! Judy May God always grant you a sunbeam to warm you... a moonbeam to charm you...& a sheltering angel, so nothing can harm you :)
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    MP3 players

    Is anyone knowledgeable about these? My daughter and I are interested in them. We have done some reading on the 'net but just wanted to hear if anybody has one they really like or dislike. We bothe want one for outdoor exercising. ( distance walking & roller blading) Judy May God always...
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    low impact , advanced cardio workouts

    For those MANY of us who have been doing HIGH impact for DECADES now, a LOW IMPACT ADVANCED CARDIO workout would be a great addition to our workout libraries. Thanks for asking and have a joyous Easter with your family! Judy May God always grant you a sunbeam to warm you... a moonbeam...
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    How about a total SATBILITY BALL workout!

    A workout using the stability ball for as many body parts as you can hit! Lower body and abs perhaps? I have been enjoying combining the PUB & PLB stability ball workouts on the same day. Judy May God always grant you a sunbeam to warm you... a moonbeam to charm you...& a sheltering angel...
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    ? about Method Stability ball video

    Has anyone tried this workout? It looks interesting, and I was hoping for some feedback. Cathe has me enjoying the stability ball, and I'm looking for more ways to use it. Judy May God always grant you a sunbeam to warm you... a moonbeam to charm you...& a sheltering angel, so nothing can...