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    What's your baby's "pet" name?

    LAST EDITED ON Aug-31-01 AT 00:41AM (Est)[p]LAST EDITED ON Aug-31-01 AT 00:36 AM (Est) My baby- who is now a 5 and a half year-old Kindergartener (sigh) was Nicholas Noodle Doodle Booger Pot Pie Casserole (I'm embarrassed just writing this!) and the Booger Man. We still call him the Booger or...
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    Congratulations! How thrilling! Eric and the new baby are lucky to have you, and you're so lucky to have them! (Everyone's coming up babies, and I'm jealous! :-) ) Have fun and enjoy this time around as much as you enjoyed the first! (Has it really been 20 months??) Ciao! Jenne
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    Yay! I'm so excited about this! I will happily pre-order, but I can wait a while. I'm training for my first marathon, and my (novice) schedule doesn't allow hard non-running workouts. So, I can wait til after October!! :-) Of course, if they're out before then, I'll happily preview them...
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    CHECK IN 11/5

    Wow- classes with Cathe AND ice cream at Friendly's?! A perfect weekend! I hope I get to go next year... I'm watching for the lottery... and I'm working out to make sure I'm in shape! Monday: Cathe Kickbox Tuesday: Cathe All Step Wednesday: Cathe 10-10-10 Thursday: Yoga Friday: Powermax...
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    Cathe- why are your tapes gone from Collage?

    RE: Cathe, I admire your decision Laura, I was also scared to order a Cathe tape from Collage for at least a year, because of their descriptions but I finally had to, because I wanted a step tape that was longer than 30 minutes and I was disappointed with the one CIA I had ordered from Collage...
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    CTX 2 suggestions

    I also like the CTX because the tapes are so short! For some reason, it's easier to find 47 minutes to exercise than an hour! (I do have some longer tapes which I enjoy when I have more time.) For CTX 2, I'd like to see: An upper body strength tape ala Leaner Legs A power circuit tape that...
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    Need advice please

    RE: Welcome Kelley!! Hi! I have MIC and it is pretty tough. The Step section is typical Cathe and I love it, but the hi-lo is very hi. I still haven't been able to do the whole tape all the way through! (But then, I've had a setback year, so it'll take a lot more work to be able to do that...
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    Doing the checkin thang!

    Nancy Oh, my, I know that feeling of thinking that someone is in the house-- and dh is away! Yikes!
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    Doing the checkin thang!

    Not so good week, but good results! Hi! I haven't checked in for a couple of weeks, but I have been keeping up with my workouts. I only worked out three times this week, but I am seeing improvements (week 5 of my Cathe CTX rotation, a "week" is six tapes, so this past week took almost two...
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    nervous about pregnancy

    How are you doing today? Are you feeling better? I don't have anything to add, I just wanted to see how you were doing.
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    New to the forums!

    Running My last real distance run was the 15K Anchor to Anchor run at Lajes. I'm not sure if they ran it any more after 1992, because that's when the Navy left Lajes. I stopped in Italy because it wasn't safe, and then in Germany, I had a newborn and my husband was always TDY. Texas was too...
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    Early Check-in!

    I'll check in early, too! <center><font size="1" color="#ff0000">LAST EDITED ON Sep-16-00 AT 09:48PM (EST)</font></center> I'm so proud of myself-- I have finished another full week of working out. Monday: Step and Intervals Tuesday: Kickbox Wednesday: Belly dance tape (okay, so it was...
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    Baby Eric Update

    Wow He is such a cutie! Thank you for sharing him with us!
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    New to the forums!

    Hi Beverly! Hi! I've been stationed at the Azores twice, as a kid in 80-83 and then as an airman in 91-93. I loved it there, that's where I took up running! Anyway, welcome, and I'm so jealous you got Utah. We tried to get Utah and got a remote base in Texas instead, so we ended up getting...
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    Question about buying barbells.

    Hi Lora! My EZ Curl bar is about 4 and a half feet long. I've only been doing Cathe's strength work for less than a year off and on (I was in a slump). But, I read a response in another thread (Biceps with barbell) where Cathe recommends a straight barbell, so I'd say if you have a chance to...
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    Question about buying barbells.

    EZ Curl Hi, Lora. I just finished a week of CTX using an EZ Curl bar instead of a straight barbell and it seems to work just fine for me. (I also use it in whichever Firm tapes require a barbell.) I think I remember seeing that Cathe doesn't recommend the curl bar for some of the exercises...
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    It's a girl!

    Congratulations! It's great that your little Jessica is here! Some routes are more painful than others, but it's so worth it!
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    A full CXT check-in

    Haven't checked in in a long time! Hi! I haven't had many good weeks to report in months, so I haven't checked in in months! I'm happy to say that the new Cathe tapes have given me the spark I need to get back into gear. Tuesday: CTX- Step & Intervals Wednesday: CTX- Kickbox Thursday: CTX-...
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    Separated Abs

    My experience Hi! A year after I had my baby (via C-section) my abs were still at least two fingers separated, but they eventually did grow back together. I can't remember when, but it was between my son's first and second birthdays. I was doing abwork with the Firm from about 6 months on...
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    Where is Cedie?

    I missed Cedie, too! I love this new Xtrain set, but I miss Cedie, too. I hope she's having fun with her new baby and I hope to see her in the next set...