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    Video Not Available on this device?

    Please help! I have used my android phone to watch many of Cathe's live streams to my television using Chromecast. However, the last two weeks, the streams start and then stop after a second or two and say "Sorry but this video is unavailable on this device". I can still watch past streams...
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    Power Hour 2 or Muscle Max 2

    I would really like another (or more) full body workouts that can be completed in about an hour. I prefer to do 3 full-body workouts a week to a 3-day split because if my schedule screws up and I miss a day or so I can just pick up at the next full-body workout without shortchanging any body parts.
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    Anyone else tried Truvia?

    I saw a story on the news a few months about a new sweetner that was being developed by Cargill called Truvia. It is made from Stevia and Erythritol (a sugar alcohol from what I gather from their website: I saw it at Hy-Vee today and bought a box of...