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    What to eat?

    I have no idea what is healthy anymore. I was eating lower carb, higher fat for years, but feel like I want to introduce some carbs and reduce some fats. What does your typical day look like? Does anyone count macros or calories?
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    Fave workout clothes?

    What are your go to brands/stores for workout clothes? I feel like I need some new ones, specifically t-shirts. I want a loose t-shirt, but I like moisture wicking. Also sports bras for larger chested gals? I would like to avoid racerback, just because they are so hard to get on/off. I used...
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    Best Cathe Strength Videos?

    Besides STS, which ones do you find are the best for strength?
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    Any good motivational books?

    Looking for some inspiring reads. Feel like I've gone downhill a bit since quarantine and need some motivation.
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    Best workout type for fat loss?

    What type of workout or combo of workouts has given you the best results in fat loss? Heavy weights? Running? Spinning? Metabolic Training? HIIT?
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    Lost: Motivation

    Lately I've lost motivation to do any workout. I used to get up early and do a workout and now all I want to do is sleep in or relax on the couch and drink coffee. I used to be a gym rat and workout almost everyday, but over the past couple of years I've cut back quite a bit. I've had plantar...
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    Creatine or other supplements?

    Hi everyone! Just wondering what everyone takes for supplements, recently reading up on health benefits of creatine. Does anybody use this? Any recommendations?
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    Muscle knots

    Certain exercises cause me muscle pain. Everytime I do rear delts, my back feels all knotted up the next day. Somtimes when I try to incorporate yoga, I get all knotted up in my neck and back from trying to hold poses. Too much time in downward dog makes my neck hurt. A lot of times I need to...
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    Question: Can you lift as much as Cathe?

    Just wondering if you match Cathe's weight in her videos? I saw her doing 35lb dumbbell chest presses, and I'm like struggling with 20lb dumbbells..but then she will do squats with 25's and I can match it or even go heavier. My upper body is so much weaker than my lower body.
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    Spin Bike Recommendations

    Hi, I know this was a topic before, I'm thinking about buying a spin bike and wondering what are some good brands? What should I be looking for? Is it worth spending $1000 or can you get a decent one for a couple hundred? Anybody that has owned one for a while, any problems? Thanks in advance!
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    The Canada Food Guide is Killing You I love this website, full of great articles and information!
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    yoga dvd?

    Can anyone recommend a good yoga dvd? I would like to focus on strengthening and stretching.
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    Overdose on muscle relaxant!

    Last night I woke up in the middle of the night with a headache and back pain that I've been having recently. I blindly took 2 muscle relaxants when I was supposed to only take 1! I didn't realize this until morning.. about 7 hours later! 800mg of ibuprofen and 1000mg of methocarbamol. Kinda...
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    Low Carb-High Fat

    Lately I've read a lot about how conventional wisdom is wrong. To lose weight, low cal diets don't work, calories in calories out is wrong. Science is now backing a low carb diet with high fat. Anyone read Primal Blueprint? Why We Get Fat and What To Do About it? The Calorie Myth? Anyone else...
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    Paleo/Primal questions

    What do you put spreads like almond butter on besides apples or bananas? What can you dip into things like salsa/antipasto? Also what protein can you put in smoothies?
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    Xtrain rotations?

    Is there a list somewhere online of the different Cathe Xtrain rotations? I don't have the handbook but interested in the rotations.
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    Drop down box

    When I am adding a workout to my calender and I pick Cardio, Outdoor and when I go to choose my activity why can't I read half the statements in the box? For example it says: walking 3mph moderately and carrying li walking 4.5mph level firm surface very canoeing rowing in competition o Why...
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    Anyone watch Dr. Oz today?

    His new diet plan: Dr. Oz's 2-Week Rapid Weight-Loss Plan Instructions | The Dr. Oz Show Thinking I need a change in my diet. I drink OJ every morning, cereal, a ton of fruit and not enough vegetables, too much bread, greek yogurt with sugar. I wonder how much I weight I will lose if I...
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    So, this week I started Meso 2. OMG, the DOMS! My muscles are sore for 2 days after each disk. My forearms are so sore from holding the weights after the Leg disc. It hurts to grab things. What do you do for cardio with the DOMS? After the Chest, Shoulder, Tricep workout I did Cardio...
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    Started STS today. Second Time!

    So today I started my second attempt at STS. I could only do the push ups from my knees on most of them. I can do about 8 full body standard and then I have to drop to my knees. Only two exercises I couldn't complete the reps: Wide Grip Barbell curls, I couldn't finish the full reps...