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  1. christosz

    Getting back on track after operation

    Hi all!!! A little more than a month ago I had a quite serious operation (with a 10% chance of success) when my colon erupted. Luckily I survived (with a colostomy which I have to keep for 3-4 months, before going back on the table to have it removed). The doctors said I have a very strong body...
  2. christosz

    Ripped With HiiT/XTrain/Low Impact Series Cocktail

    [Edited] Hi all! I just created this rotation with the undulating approach in mind. Tried to add these notes to the rotation itself but they didn't seem to save. Anyways, this rotation is made up of one week body splitting at 10 reps, one week at 12 reps and one week at 16 reps, followed by...
  3. christosz

    Moving to NY (from Athens, Greece... yes, a big step I know!!!)

    Hi all! I have finally made the big decision to apply for a second M.A. in Cinema Studies at Tisch. Age doesn't matter when you feel the urge to further your education, right? Anyways, I know the process is going to be long with all the paperwork I need to collect. That is one part of the...
  4. christosz

    New & Improved STS 1RM Test Excel Spreadsheet

    Hi everyone! It's been awhile and as I am ready to embark on another STS trip, I decided to make the STS 1RM test sheet more functional. I have included the first 12 workout cards plus STS Total Body. All you have to do is enter the weights and reps of your 1RM in the first page and the...
  5. christosz

    DVDs vs d/l

    Hi all! I was just browsing the Cathe d/l section and noticed that whoever downloads the 4 new workouts also gets the following four compilations: - Intensity-Bootcamp - Lower-Body-Blast-Leg-Drills. - STS-Total-Body-Compound-Back. - STS-Total-Body-Compound-Chest-Shoulders Are these...
  6. christosz

    Remember this?

    A treat ... Chris.
  7. christosz

    Undulating STS Rotation

    Hi Cathe! I'm so glad to catch you in the forums, because I usually miss it due to the time difference! :-) I am in the third week of the Undulating STS Rotation (Week 1: Meso 3/Disks 1-2-3, Week 2: Meso 1/Disks 1-2-3, Week 3: Meso 2 Disks 1-2-3, Week 4: Meso 3/Disks 4-5-6 etc.) and I have...
  8. christosz

    Meso 3, Week 5: How about a "failure" week add-on?

    Hi all! I am in my last week of the 5-month STS rotation which ends on August 1. I go on a two-week summer vacation on August 8, so that will give me about 3 weeks of doing nothing but lying around the beach... So, I was thinking of ways to cut down my "inactive" time to two weeks and came up...
  9. christosz

    June 30th: My last cigarette!!!

    Oh yes! Greece is finally going for the smoking ban on July 1st in all public buildings, restaurants, coffee shops, etc... Been a smoker since I was 15 (I am now 44) and I think it's time I quit!!! :eek::eek::eek: So I decided to smoke my last cigarette on the evening of June 30th. But not...
  10. christosz

    Addicted to Sims 3

    I know.. I know... I might be too old for a Sims addiction, but I can't really help it! Anyone else shares this issue? :eek: Anyone else can't wait to get their hands on The Sims 3??? :eek: Chris.
  11. christosz

    Exercises in Workouts Cards but not in the 1RM Calculator

    This issue could have been mentioned before but my brain is a bit of a pulp right now to look it up... :p While assembling the Workout Cards in Excel, I noticed that two exercises are missing from the 1RM Calculator when I select ->STS->Disc Number (even though there is a 1RM percentage on the...
  12. christosz

    Weights still showing in lbs...Please help...

    Hi! I've posted on the bugs forum already but no response... I'll be starting STS next week (March 2) and all my 1RM are still showing in lbs on the workout cards (they show ok on the 1RM tab in WM). Thanks, Chris.
  13. christosz

    Weird weights showing

    Hi!!! I finally got my STS and started doing the 1RM tests. When I enter them in the WM they show properly in the 1RM list (the orange one) but when I go to print an STS Workout Card (e.g. Disc 1) the weights are all off... I already tried Reload and Empty Cache on Safari and even logged...
  14. christosz

    Missing 1RM Results

    Hi! I did the 1RM for the following exercises but they do not appear as completed either in the 1RM page or in the drop down list (the one which shows the completed 1RM exercises in bold), or in red when I create a weight workout in calendar. #178 Barbell Curl (Disc 1) #83 Barbell Rows (Disc...
  15. christosz

    Size of STS Package

    Hi all! I'm trying to schedule a pickup of the STS package from a friend of mine in NY to have it shipped to me in Greece. The site asks for the size of the packing, so I would really appreciate it if someone who has received STS can give me the dimensions of the box STS came in... Many...
  16. christosz

    Disc 2 - Exercise #113

    Shows 50% of 1 Rep Max in the Print Workout Card instead of the 60% all other exercises show. Chris.
  17. christosz

    Disc 1 - Exercise #679

    Seated Rear Delts Appears under the STS Tab, in the STS Quick Options -> Quick Print an STS Workout Card -> Disc 1, but it doesn't appear in the 1RM Calculator. One Rep Max -> Step 1. STS Disc 1 -> Step 2. Missing from drop down list. Chris.
  18. christosz

    My Lost Rotation...

    Hi guys! I created a new rotation earlier today (FitnessFreak's Muscle Building & Cardio Rotation), saved it to my calendar and uploaded it for other people to use it. When I logged on now the rotation is gone both from the list of available rotations and from my calendar... Chris. EDIT: When...
  19. christosz

    Any guys out there? 8-25

    Kick Max 4 me 2day.. haven't done that in a while I think... Also discovered a huge nest with tens of Yellow Jacket Wasps in a storage space under my roof and spent all evening getting rid of them. I sprayed them and I was running in and out of the house in fear of them attacking me... funny...
  20. christosz

    Any guys out there? 8-24

    Hey!!! Boy it's hot here! The last days of summer won't give it a rest!!! Did B&G Overall Legs premix 2day. Finally ordered barbell stands (they are a bit expensive at $290, but they have a place to stack the plates and their highest point is 5' 6" which will probably allow me to do pull ups)...