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  1. doodles-n-divas

    Books to Read

    Apparently the BBC reckons most people will have only read 6 of the 100 books here..... Count how many you have read...and how many of those you actually liked! :p I will mark mine with an X for having read it....and a O if I actually liked it too. You may be surprised with your results! :eek...
  2. doodles-n-divas

    Coolers.....Wacky Weekend

    Just starting us out! I think I caught up with everyone yesterday. :p Hope everyone has a fun weekend planned! :) Patrcia...Where are you?!?!????? :confused::confused:
  3. doodles-n-divas

    Monday, Monday....Coolers

    Hi all!! Just wanted to get us started this morning. :) Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!! :D:D I am headed to class in a few....I have lots of homework...and a test due by tomorrow. :eek::eek: I must workout today, too, since I was such a slacker over the weekend!! :o Back later to...
  4. doodles-n-divas

    Coolers~~Fun-lovin' Friday!

    Hi all! Just starting us off...Sorry I never made it by yesterday...but I should be around this afternoon... Kim.... Sending safe travels to you!!! Have a wonderful time on your trip...And thanks in advance for helping out the sagging American economy!! :rolleyes: See you all later...
  5. doodles-n-divas

    Coolers~~~Trying Tuesday

    Hi all! Just starting us out today. Sorry I have been MIA...but it was a busy day here yesterday. Hope all is well with everyone. Glad to see Patricia back from the outer reaches of America!! :eek::) Back later to catch up a bit! :p
  6. doodles-n-divas

    Coolers~~~Facing Friday!

    Just starting us off....Sorry I never got back for a chat yesterday, but I have been feeling pretty puny all week. Ugh. :( Don't know if it is ttom or if I am trying to catch something. :rolleyes: Hope everyone has some fun plans for the weekend besides Jeanette...She sounds like she is...
  7. doodles-n-divas

    Watercoolers...Tempestuous Thursday!

    Hi all....Just starting us out....Back after class to catch up! :p Hope everyone has a great day! :)
  8. doodles-n-divas

    Wet Weekend Watercoolers

    Just starting us off...back in a while to catch up bit...Sorry I never got back yesterday. :( But I was really to stupid to carry on a conversation yesterday! :o I don't know what has happened to my brain lately!! :eek::eek:
  9. doodles-n-divas

    Watercoolers...Fiesty Friday!

    Just starting us off! :D Where was Jeanette last night???? :confused: Hope everyone has a great day! Back later to catch up with everyone...I think I caught up last night if anyone wants to go back and read....;)
  10. doodles-n-divas

    Totally Tuesday! Watercoolers!

    Good morning all....Just starting us out. Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!! Back in a while to catch up....Gotta get the diva to school! :rolleyes:
  11. doodles-n-divas

    Coolers...Wednesday...The diva's 1st day of School

    Just starting us off!! Back in a bit to catch up!:):):):):)
  12. doodles-n-divas

    Watercooler Weekend...It's Wendy's B-Day for Real!!

    Just starting us out...back in a while to catch up with personals!! Happy Birthday Wendy!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
  13. doodles-n-divas

    Coolers Friday ~Happy Birthday Wendy!!!!

    Happy Birthday Wendy!!!!! :p:):p:) Hope you have a great day! Make sure that Phil pays lots of attention to you tonight...and drink that wine I left for you guys! :cool: How old are you anyway??? 30??? :rolleyes:
  14. doodles-n-divas

    Coolers!!! Good morning from Jersey!!!

    Hi all!! Just checking in from Wendy's MIL's house. The diva and I are here and one has kidnapped us yet. We are headed down to the shore in a little bit...I am needing a diet coke about right now!! Okay...back in a bit to say hello!!!
  15. doodles-n-divas

    Watercoolers...Wacky Wednesday!!

    Just starting us off!! See you in a bit...gotta take the diva to camp.