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  1. princessbear

    Question on new dvds

    How much space is needed for the cardio (Intensity) workot? My workout space is about 8' x 8'.
  2. princessbear

    The NEVERending shoulder saga

    Hi everyone. Looking for input here. I've been lurking for months since my last shoulder surgery... too filled with self-pity to really participate in the forums like I started to when I first joined. Here's the scoop in a nutshell...Had A/C joint surgery 11/6/09 where they found the rotator...
  3. princessbear

    Anybody use the iFit cards?

    BUMPING TO SEE IF ANYONE HAS AN ANSWER FOR ME ... PRETTY PLEASE! My new treadmill came yesterday, and I'm having it put together today. It is a Nordic Track and has the ability to use iFit cards. I can't seem to find any "clips" or contents of the cards ... have founds some reviews ... I...
  4. princessbear

    Treadmill Recommendations?

    I'm looking to buy a new treadmill, the one I bought used a couple of years ago has just about had it... I'm looking to spend less than $1000. I'm not a big runner, prefering to do a combination of running and walking ... I need one that folds up so I can have space in my exercise room. I...
  5. princessbear

    Attempting Butts & Guts for first time tomorrow!

    I received my new dvds (Butts & Guts and DrillMax) along with med ball, mat for step, firewalker bands and new Cathe bands 2 days after ordering... and I'm SO excited to try B&G tomorrow for the first time. I've missed my Cathe workouts and I'm ready to get back into the race (with limitations...
  6. princessbear

    Substitutions for Pushups???

    As I PONDER the day I can start weight training again after rotator cuff surgery, I recognize the need to modify alot of exercises for the next 6-9 months. The THOUGHT of doing STS again just has me befuddled when I think of all those pushups (especially Meso 1) that I will not be able to do...
  7. princessbear

    What now?

    So, I just finished Meso 2 and since there is no tower yet and I had difficulty with bench pressing my full % of weights on bench presses, I'm going to put off Meso 3 until the tower is here. I'm guessing at least another 6 weeks... so I need others' thoughts/opinions. I'm thinking of doing...
  8. princessbear

    BFFM vs. Eat Clean Diet

    Hi all - I'm thinking of purchasing one of these two books and am looking for feedback as to what you liked/didn't like about either of them, along with YOUR RESULTS after applying the concepts .... I've decided to "step up" my focus on nutrition, while I eat pretty healthy (most of the time)...
  9. princessbear


    Does anyone take this and, if so, what is a good brand to buy? Thanks!
  10. princessbear

    Who on these forums sees a chiropractor? WARNING - LONG POST

    Hi all. I just got back from my second visit with my new chiropractor. The first visit was an (extremely thorough) evaluation, this second visit was to go over the results, develop a plan of action and have my first adjustment. My spine and postural imbalance is a MESS ... but fixable. So...
  11. princessbear

    I really STINK at Meso 2 Leg Workouts

    OMG - I just did W2 Legs for Meso 2... I couldn't even make it through the 3rd round of trisets... it was just too much for me. I feel like such a failure ... I know I worked my legs hard - as I sit here drinking my protein shake I can feel the quivering and the twitching. My legs have always...
  12. princessbear

    LONG rant - Brother is getting a dog and he SHOULDN'T!!

    Hi everyone - just needed to vent. My brother and his family (wife and two kids) are adopting a cane corso mastiff. I just looked this dog up on the "net" ... NOT a good dog for them. Actually, NO dog is good for them as they are so self-centered and don't have what it takes to care for a...
  13. princessbear

    My boyfriend needs help losing weight...suggestions?

    So, my boyfriend has put on about 40-50 pounds after being sick with a blood-borne arthritic condition (reactive arthritis). He is finally ready to clean up his diet and start exercising and I want to help him. Any suggestions from anyone out there as to where he should turn? Clean eating is...
  14. princessbear

    Meso 2 Legs - OUCHIE!

    Hi all. Did my first M2 leg workout yesterday ... going into it, I knew it wasn't going to be "a walk in the park", but man oh man, by the end I was shouting some really mean things at Cathe. The first set of trisets were okay - weights were dead on, completed all 30 reps. Halfway through the...
  15. princessbear

    Ab Circuits - Weights & Plates

    Tried this for the first time yesterday and loved it... although I have lots of work to do when it comes to the plates!! I couldn't do all the reps on the plates and couldn't do the straight leg pull in things... I'm going to try again later in the week. Tomorrow is yoga abs... That's my favorite.
  16. princessbear

    Has anyone NOT taken a break between Mesocycles??

    I'm just wondering if anyone didn't take more than a few days between Mesos?? I'm going into my 3rd week of Meso 1, and just found out I need ANOTHER shoulder surgery - this time the AC Joint. Oy! Anyway - I want to get through at least Meso 2 before my surgery on 7/31 - and then I'm out of...
  17. princessbear

    My Gliding Discs Arrived Today!

    And I just tested them out to see if they would work on my carpet and they were AWESOME. Can't wait to use them next week when I start STS - I'm looking forward to and dreading Friday Legs Day at the same time.
  18. princessbear

    Jasmin416 - Just wondering

    1. Did your kitten ever come home? 2. Whatever happened to that guy that you were supposed to go out with but he never made definitive plans? Did you end up going out with him? Hope you are well.
  19. princessbear

    SNM - When will weighted vest be back in stock?

    Alas, I waited too long to order my weighted vest and see it is no longer on your website or Do you plan on stocking up on these again anytime soon? Thanks!
  20. princessbear

    Meso 1, Wk 1 LEGS

    OMG! I decided this morning to do some 1RM testing for legs, just to get an idea of what I should use for weight and I'm so obsessed with doing STS perfectly that I re-thought my original idea of doing 1RM for legs. WELL WELL WELL - I did the warmup from M1, W1 and then started doing the...