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  1. pace1987

    Adjustable Resistance Toning Tubes

    I want to order this and its asking what size i need i wouldnt know. I am 5'6.
  2. pace1987

    not showing on facebook

    It does show up but not the actual workout that I did
  3. pace1987

    Already got my new Cathe's DVD today

    I can't believe how fast I got these in the mail. I had them deliver USPS and I live in NJ. Now I just started Insanity today. I might just switch them around so I can try her new workout!
  4. pace1987

    Suggestion for strength training?

    I just post over at facebook but figure I will get more suggestion here. I having done strength training in a while and I have every Cathe DVD. I am going to start next week. I like to split it up doing upper one day and lower on a different day. So what are your suggestion? I was thinking...
  5. pace1987

    Back again:)

    Hi all I don't know if you remember me but I use to be a regular here over a year ago but things changes where I wasn't exercising and I gain 25lbs:(. Now I am just getting back into doing Cathe and boy I have to really catch up. I get so winded easily and I hope that I will one day be able to...
  6. pace1987

    Just got my UPS shipment notice!!!

    suppose to be here Monday, yay!!!!
  7. pace1987

    Hello everyone!!

    I know I haven't been on here for a while. I guess I am going through some tough times with how I am feeling mentally. I gained quite a bit and fill insecure about myself:(. I did make an appointment with a therapist in 2 weeks which also is an MD. I hope this will work for me. Well anyhow I...
  8. pace1987


    Hi, I hope you don't mind me asking if anyone who is on buspar has it help with anxiety? I am so afraid of starting this but I do have anxiety. I can't seem to turn my mind off. When you first start it did it make the anxiety worst before it got better. What kind of side affects did you have in...
  9. pace1987

    I found the love of Fage Greek Yogurt!!

    OMG this is so good. I got the plain and added splenda to it. I just brought one the other day and just went out and brought more. I try doing a search here since this is where I heard of it but nothing really comes up but what else do you put in it. I did buy some honey and will try that. I...
  10. pace1987

    American Idol "congratulations to Kris"

    Wow I really thought that Lambert was going to be the big winner. That is who I voted for. IMO they were both great singers.
  11. pace1987

    Dancing with the Stars results, OMG

    I can't believe that Lil Kim was voted off over Ty Murray. I was just shocked. I'm sorry but he was not good at all IMO. Don't get me wrong he seems like a nice guy but he is a horrible dancer.
  12. pace1987

    Mat for Steps

    Hi everyone, I know some people were asking about the mat Cathe uses in her STS on the step and I came across my catalog from Power system and saw something like it so here is the link to it
  13. pace1987

    SNM: When will weight glove be in stock?

    Hi I order these and was just wondering when these will be shipping? TIA:)
  14. pace1987

    Does anybody like Cathe's weighted gloves?

    I was thinking of ordering these. I wanted to do STS Meso 1 and 2 after I finish 3 up in a few weeks. Are they easy to take the weights in and out? And how do you know what size to pick. I thought it was one size fit all. TIA:).
  15. pace1987

    What size Stability Ball would I get?

    Hi everyone. I am going to use my 20% coupon since my ball just gave up but I can't remember what size I got. I am 5'6. I would think the 55cm would be correct, right? TIA:)
  16. pace1987

    SNM: question please

    Do to illness I didn't do week 3 meso 2 this week, so my question is can I just do this next week? TIA:)
  17. pace1987

    Update on my panic attacks

    Well this whole weekend I cried. I feel like I am crawling out of my skin. I am writing now because I am finally in a calm mode. I called my NP and right away she said to go back on the zyprexa. I refuse to because it made me gain 40lbs and already since last Monday I lost 12lbs. I made an...
  18. pace1987

    OMG tri set legs

    What a killer these are. Does anybody heart rate shoot up there because my sure does. I just looked at the workcard and these are through the whole Meso 2, yikes.
  19. pace1987

    I am having bad anxiety attacks

    It is so horrible. I finally came off this medication called zyprexa which made me gain 40lbs. It is just awful. I am already on paxil cr but my doctor is going to add trazodone so I can sleep well. Please say a prayer for me that this will past. TIA:)
  20. pace1987

    STS Fit Chick TGIF 3/13

    Good morning everyone. Today is disk 15 bi's and back. Boy do I still have DOMS in my legs and butt. I guess that is a good thing, LOL. BBL:)