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    Ya just gotta have one of these in your gym

    this is on my local Craigslist... Vintage Weight Loss Machine " Shaker " exercise belt realizing now, perhaps this is how Shake A Weight began.:cool:
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    Real Housewives: ATL and BH

    Catch me up, please. Watchin' Bowl Games. I did see ATL reruns----decided I don't like Peter. Kandi and Kim singin' tour, now that is a hoot. According to the previews why is Nene attacking Kim-jealously? BH-don't like Taylor's husband at all.... Can't believe Camille gave that...
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    Lovin' those workouts! Will we be seeing more on the horizon? :)
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    Monday afternoon laugh!

    I saw this on FB and just had to post this! :D
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    Your laugh for today! Facebook Workouts

    I saw this on FB! Warning do not eat or drink while watchin' this! :eek:
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    Real Housewives of Orange County

    I was catchin' up on episodes last night instead of cleaning......LOL Wasn't Don laid off from his job, did he ever get another one? What is up with Vickie and working......I think what the others are doin', trying to start their own business, Gretchen etc is a good idea. I don't think...
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    Read For The Cure: Magazines $10.00

    Received in the mail today, "Read for The Cure", $10.00 Magazines includes shipping/handling. There is also a website: Shape, Women's Day, Men's Health, Guideposts, ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Cooking Light, Fitness,etc.
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    I love football....but it does take a toll!

    "The average football fan who watches two or three games a week may gain ten to twelve pounds during the season. Both at tailgating parties and in front, a great deal of of eating and drinking of unhealthy foods is carried out. " "Such popular football foods as bratwurst and other sausages...
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    ?RH of OC

    ? Real Housewives of Orange County I feel asleep between the newest housewife out to dinner and Jenna and her kids eating dinner. Jenna was explain' why she was leaving the show. What happened> I never did see whose house was foreclosed, who was it? I do like Jenna, sorry she is leaving...
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    DH of OC?

    What happened? :eek:
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    DH of ATL Reunion and did y'all see Mo'nique

    Anyone watching the Reunion of ATL. Here is the link: Also I was flipping through tv and saw Mo'nique and Kandi was on. She seems very down to earth. And yes Kandi did sing!
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    For children playing football...

    Five Football Tips from Tim Green: 1. Always get up. The game is about getting up, getting up fast, and getting up over and over again. Even the most talented players get knocked down. The great ones get up. 2. Keep your head up. When you tackle or block, you need to keep your head up so...
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    Okra Anyone?

    I was photographed in The State Newspaper for the Okra Strut held in Irmo on Saturday.....can you find me, hint, Clemson! LOL
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    DH of ATL

    I saw some of the re-runs today. But I have to admit I was dozing through most of it. So let me get this straight.... Lisa goes and visits family on West Coast and goes to grave site. The grandmother looked awesome,did see that part, and NeeNee, I pay for facial abrasions, etc and...
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    Semi Oldie...High Step Training.....

    :D I pulled this little gem of a workout yesterday. It kicked my hiney, literally, my-ahem- behind hurts! Talk about soreness and a great workout! :cool:
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    Food Inc.

    If you want to find out what you are REALLY putting in your mouth everyday... you need to see this movie. You will not find it in the BIG theatres. Here in Columbia, SC.. you will find it at the Nickelodeon Theatre ( playing August 5-11. It's only $7-$8. You owe it to...
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    DH of ATL, Lost Footage and other ramblings!

    Probably a re-run (I am so behind the times). My thoughts. Sherri is a African American Danielle. I have met very upper class AA women and thar ain't no way in h*ll, do they act like that. Plus she made no mention of Jack and Jill and Boule clubs. Very prominent clubs in the AA community...
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    Columbia, SC Workout Equipment for Sale

    The Factory is closing, included are Steps, Barbells and weight racks, etc. Here is the link.
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    Cathe, Your Tour, Working Out Like Rock Star!

    Hi Cathe, Glad NY was such a great success! Awesomeness. Just read in my email box about tours. Please tell me you are coming near ColaTown (Columbia, SC). I am beggin' with bended knee on The Step. I am truly excited about your tours! Can you do streamin' video! Live,uncut workouts for...
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    DH of NJ

    What happened? Too tired to stay up to 10:00. Thanks,