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  1. susanz

    Intensity 2?

    I just finished Intensity Max premix & loved it, as always. Would love a new version. Step, Hi HiiT, Low HiiT, and kickbox. Each segment 20mns or so?
  2. susanz

    Ripped with HiiT vol. 2

    I soooo love the RWH series. The workouts are shorter, intense & get the job done. I would love to see a 2nd version.
  3. susanz


    Hey Cathe, I have been reading about these vibration plates that stimulate muscles. What is your take on them and are they beneficial? Thank for any input! Susan
  4. susanz

    Intermittent Fasting

    Hello Cathe and crew, I am wondering what your thoughts are on intermittent fasting. I personally have been practicing it for about 6 months, and I love it. Since you, Cathe, are a major role model to me, I would love to know your thoughts. Have you ever written an article about IF? Take...
  5. susanz

    Buff Badgers Dec. 1 - Dec 5

    Hi ladies! My weekend was busy and fun with too much food!Yesterday I was so tired, I overslept and did not workout. Today was Piyo. I have been reading a book called Practical Paleo. It has so much information about so much stuff! It's about clean eating, whole foods, how your body reacts to...
  6. susanz

    BUFF BADGERS Nov. 24-28

    Good Monday, ladies! Well, that weekend went fast! Saturday, was S90 Tabata and Pilates Abs. Sunday was a rest day. This morning was Hi Reps Upper body. I realized at the end this was the premix where she forgot to add 'back' in, so I added my own back workout. ;) Not looking forward to the...
  7. susanz

    BUFF BADGERS: Nov. 3 - Nov.7

    Good Monday ladies! My weekend was busy. Saturday was Piyo Buns then 4 hours of yard work. My shoulder s were so sore when I took my shower. I could barely wash my hair! Sunday was house work, writing up November fitness plan and Pilates. I also made an awesome batch of chili. Today was Supreme...
  8. susanz

    BUFF BADGERS 10/07 - 10/11

    Hi Ladies! Well, I started my new rotation using Cathe's new workouts on Saturday. I did Knockout and really liked it though I still think KPC is still my favorite. Sunday I did the 1st premix of X10. This was using Cardio Blast and Hi/Lo. It was tough and I have to wonder when I will be able to...
  9. susanz


    Hi there! This weekend was busy. Saturday I pulled out 7 oversized shrubs from the side of our house. That was tough stuff. Cutting, pulling, axin', more pulling. I was sweating like crazy! Took 4 hours from start to finish and aside from 230 squats that was my workout for the day! Sunday I woke...
  10. susanz

    BUFF BADGERS 7/30 - 8/3

    :DGood Morning Ladies! My weekend was nice, quiet and I got a ton accomplished. Feels really good to tackle those things that seem to have always been on my "to do " list! Saturday was To the Max, and Sunday was a 45mn walk and some pilates. Stayed on track with my clean eating all weekend too...
  11. susanz

    BUFF BADGERS 7/9 - 7/13

    Hi ladies! That weekend went by too fast! It was nice, quiet, but could have used another day!;) Saturday was Cross Fire, Sunday was a brisk walk and 40mn bike.It was supposed to be my rest day, but I felt like moving! This morning my week was started with To the Max! At least the weather...
  12. susanz

    BUFF BADGERS 7/2 -7/6

    Hello there! Nice weekend. I got so much accomplished! Saturday was a 1 hour bike and Sunday I did Cathe's To the Max! Loved that workout! Today I started Cathe's July rotation with Cross Fire. Another great workout!:D I do not have all of the workouts she is using in this rotation (STS, Gym...
  13. susanz

    BUFF BADGERS 4/2 - 4/6

    Hi gang! Look who is on here early? :) My weekend was busy and the only workout I got in was walking yesterday. Feel great after my rest week and was ready to go 1st thing this morning. Today was Cathe's Cardio Supersets. I liked it a lot. I do not have 2 sliding discs so when she was doing that...
  14. susanz

    BUFF BADGERS 8/1 - 8/5

    Hi Ladies! The weekend went by way too fast! Saturday was Kenpo and yesterday was a long walk, mowing lawn, and lots of cleaning! Today was Core Synergistic. This is the final week of P90X! That went by faster than I thought it would!:D Have to go to the doctor before work for my thyroid...
  15. susanz

    BUFF BADGERS 1/3 - 1/7

    Hello ladies! I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday! I am just happy it's all over. On Saturday we finished up the last of the celebrating. This morning I was 2 pounds up on the scale. Not a happy person! :mad: Sunday I sat down and wrote up a new rotation. It is focusing on Pilates this month...
  16. susanz

    BUFF BADGERS 12/6 - 12/10

    Hi Ladies! Hope you all had a nice weekend! Saturday was way too long and busy. Sunday, I ran 5 miles and then had shopping to do after church. My toe is feeling a lot better. I think I just bruised it. It is still a little blue but only hurts if my shoes are too tight. My run felt wonderful...
  17. susanz

    BUFF BADGERS 11/29 - 12/3

    Hi there! Hope you all enjoyed your weekends! I am glad it's over actually. Saturday I decided to take a rest day and clean and put up Christmas decorations. Sunday I did High Reps (all of it). That was a good workout and my shoulders and sore today! I previewed STS total body and plan to do...
  18. susanz

    BUFF BADGERS 11/15 - 11/19

    Hi Ladies! It's Monday again- as if you didn't know! This weekend I pretty much took both days off! Sunday I did go for a 45mn walk with Ruby but that was the extent of it. This morning I ran 3 miles and need to do something else later, hopefully some core work. Saturdays Bball tournament was...
  19. susanz

    BUFF BADGERS 8/6 - 8/10

    Hi Ladies! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend. Mine was good. I took DD13 and her friends to the Geek Kon convention on Saturday. My back was hurting from walking/standing all day. Right from there( Madison) we left to meet DH and DS at the campground with our friends. We got home at noon...
  20. susanz

    BUFF BADGERS 8/2 - 8/6

    Hi ladies! Sorry I didn't post end of the week. DH decided on Thursday, we were going camping. It was fun, but I was glad to be home late yesterday. Today I walked followed by KenpoX. I missed doing that workout! Other than that our weekend was quiet. I read 1.5 books which was nice. Kids had...