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  1. Fitness-Mom

    Body for Life -

    Hi Everyone ~ Anyone up for a Body for Life check in' again? I am pulling out the book this weekend, and hopefully finishing my 1st challenge ... HA, I must of tried 3 times, 4th is a charm.. ?? LOL Take Care ~ :)
  2. Fitness-Mom

    Does anyone experience Vertigo?

    Does anyone here experience Vertigo. Friday night out of the blue (around 12:30 a.m.) I all of a sudden got dizzy, unable to walk straight, fullness feeling in my right side of my head. Not knowing what it was (since I was never dizzy like this before) I had BF take me to the ER. After blood...
  3. Fitness-Mom

    TaeBo or Turbo Jam ??

    What are your thoughts? Which do you like better? I just ordered Turbo Jam, and I am still on the fence about it. Seems more dancy that what I am used to and her cuing is not all that great... (I guess Cathe has us spoiled).. :) I have the Get Ripped Basic & Advanced Series... and I love...
  4. Fitness-Mom

    New Barry's Bootcamp-

    Anyone have the New Barry's Bootcamp DVD's? What are your thoughts about them? Are they worth buying? How do they compare with the 1st series. "Today is a Gift, Have Fun" ~Jennifer~ ="
  5. Fitness-Mom

    Dog Limping?

    Good Morning~ I had my dog (Eskimo Spitz/Sheltie Mix) to his Vet last night for his rountine visit (shots,etc.). He got his normal rabbies, lyme, & Distemper shot. He seemed fine, but when I got him home I noticed that he was limping and couldn't walk on his leg where he got the shots...
  6. Fitness-Mom

    Selling my Cathe DVD's :(

    Good Morning Everyone~ I just wanted to point out that I am selling a majority of my Cathe Dvd's on Ebay. I have added in the posting that I am a member of, so people will know they are good DVD's (Not Fake). It is killing me right now to do this, but with our Financial Issues...
  7. Fitness-Mom

    Biggest Loser - Workout DVD's?

    Hi Everyone ~ :) Has anyone done any of the Biggest Loser's DVD's? I did a search on Amazon, and it looks like they got some good reviews. What do you think? Biggest-Winner-Complete-Workout- "Today is a Gift, Have Fun" ~Jennifer~...
  8. Fitness-Mom


    I was curious to see who suffers from Orthoarthritis? I was told by my Orthopedic in early June that I was showing "small" signs. Since seeing him over the summer, my knee has not gotten any better, maybe even worse. I still have flare ups & swelling every week, if not everyday! I am unable...
  9. Fitness-Mom

    Emotional Eating -

    I am hoping someone can share how to overcome emotional eating. As we speak I am munching on a bunch of chocolate that someone left in the kitchen here at work. I'm not even hungry.... I cant seem to stop, even though I want too.... I am having problems at home. I don't want to work out...
  10. Fitness-Mom

    Barry's Boot Camp (BBC)

    Good Morning ~ :) After having BBC for a few months, I think I am finally going to pull it out and do a 4-week rotation. I just finished a 3-week rotation using the S&H series. I guess my question is; What results did you have doing a rotation w/ BBC? Good/Bad? Thanks in advance...
  11. Fitness-Mom

    Turbo Jam again & Step Workouts and your knees!

    Hi Everyone ~ :) I am looking towards purchasing the Turbo Jam workouts. Great workouts? Pros/Cons? What are your favorites? I love Cathe's style, and I do have a hard time liking any other workouts. My main problem is, I LOVE, LOVE step workouts, but they kill my knees. I have...
  12. Fitness-Mom

    ~*BFL*~ Thursday!!

    Good Morning, Ladies ~ :) Snow here, only about 1 inch or so, but enough to make a nice mess for driving. Kids had a 2-hour delay this morning from school. The school called bright and early @ 5a.m. w/ the recording. Woke me up, furious I was thinking it was my DS girlfriend calling...
  13. Fitness-Mom

    *~*Hump Day Weds*~* BFL

    Good Morning, Ladies ~ :) Calling for snow today! Gayle, Is it snowing up towards you yet? Happy Hump Day :) Still congested, can't understand why I can't shake this cold. I think I am feeling fine when I wake up, and then I get out of bed and do my normal routine and I feel the...
  14. Fitness-Mom

    ~*~*BFL TGIF*~*~ 11/30

    Good Morning, Ladies ~~ :) How is everyone? It's Friday!! YAY :) W4 is almost over. Maybe it's because I was sick, but I had NO cravings this week at all, and I am not even looking forward to Free Day. My free day basically has turned into a day where I just relax and not worry over...
  15. Fitness-Mom

    BFL ~ Tuesday 11/20/07

    Good Morning, Ladies ~ :) Starting us off, BRB :) Gayle~ Where are you? Your late!! :) "Today is a Gift, Have Fun" ~Jennifer~
  16. Fitness-Mom

    Power Yoga DVD

    Good Morning ~ :) I want to purchase a good Power Yoga DVD. I can only purchase 1-this time around. Which DVD would you think is the best to get. I was looking towards Bryan Kest (3set) or Kristen McGee Power Yoga. Can you help? Thanks!! :) :) "Today is a Gift, Have Fun"...
  17. Fitness-Mom

    New Way to Cook Thanksgiving Dinner - : )

    BAKED STUFFED TURKEY Here is a turkey recipe that also includes the use of popcorn as a stuffing -- imagine that. When I found this recipe, I thought it was perfect for people like me, who just are not sure how to tell when poultry is thoroughly cooked, but not dried out. Give this a...
  18. Fitness-Mom

    Pink Eye

    How do you know if you have pink eye. Probably sounds like a stupid question, but I never had it. I woke up this morning w/ my right eye being glued shut. Since this morning, the inside of my eye is bright red and hurts and swollen. I am thinking I might of scratched it ...How can you...
  19. Fitness-Mom

    How do you fight the winter blahs...

    Ever since it got colder, all I want to do is stay in bed and not work out. My eating went to great, to down right horrible! I was reading First Magazine, and one of the readers asked a question; How Can I Avoid Winter Gain? Answer; You can easily replicate summer's slimming effects...
  20. Fitness-Mom

    Our Jack Russell Terrier .. ?? For you

    Hi Everyone~ Had a general question regarding our Jack Russell Terrier... I know their are alot of pet lovers on the board. Just recently I noticed a few small bumps on the back of her neck, I noticed they are generalized right where her collar would rub...(Now I keep her collar off)...