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    New Shoes!

    Susan Thanks !!!! I just went to Dicks Sporting Goods and tried on both these shoes and I loved the fit of the Under Armour Speed Trainers. I have never had a shoe fit so well !!!! I think these are the shoes I will get from now on !!!!! Sue
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    Older workout on vhs

    Thanks Julie, I think video companies that do take VHS tapes and put them on DVD could not copy these because of copyrights ???? Do you know if Cathes tapes are copyright protected ??? I would pay to have these on DVD:) I am wondering if others like these tapes and felt the same way because I...
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    Rock Bottoms

    Bump bump bump !!!! :)
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    Older workout on vhs

    I finally have all of Cathes older workouts Step in motion 1 & 2 , Rock bottoms, Mega step blast, Fit & firm and others. I love these workouts ( Step in motion 1 is my favorite wow what a great workout !!) My worry is if these tapes get damage or break they are hard to find I would love to have...
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    The tiles are here! The tiles are here!

    Susan, Like Chris I liked the smell of the tiles but that has gone now :( I did some floor work on these Wow what a difference I love the way these tiles look too!!!! Can I ask you how you cut your tiles ??? Also did you put puzzle mats under them ???? Enjoy !!!! Sue :)
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    Pavi tiles

    Oh if you want to see what these tiles look like go under this forum and scroll down to Plyo floors? and Chris has posted pictures of her floors :)
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    Pavi tiles

    Sahad, You do not need any glue to lay these floors down because they are heavy and they will not move once placed on your floor. The puzzle mats you can get anywhere I looked at Dicks Sporting and they had some nice excercise mats that would have worked but they were pricy. I found some nice...
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    Pavi tiles

    Susan, Since I layed down my tiles I have been working out longer because I love the return you feel on these tiles. I dont have alot space in my workout room I only spent about $380ish on my floors. It works well for now but if I can move my workout room (when the kids move out :)) I will get...
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    Plyo Floors?

    Just an FYI the Pavigym tiles are on sale right now. If you order on line it is $53.29 per tile instead of the $61.90. I ordered it from Kevin Walsh at Kiefer Floors to get this discount from him.