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    Duh Question!!

    I'm looking to purchase more bar weights for the upcoming STS workout. When Cathe says she has say "40lbs", does that mean 40lbs on each side with combined total of 80 or 20lbs on each side with a combined total of 40? Please help this poor confused girl!! Thanks
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    Eating Clean

    Ok, I come from the show-me-state (great excuse - huh) anyway, what does exactly eating clean mean. What are these kinds of foods. Thanks Cathe for letting his Missourian know! Stacy
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    Having trouble learning Cathe's new step routines?????

    I recently just discovered something new on my computer to help me learn Cathe's new step routines easier!! I am a little slow at learning things and not too technologically hip either, but I'm excited! Some of you may think...well...duh...but for those of you who are like me I want to share...
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    Need Energy!!

    Cathe, Just wondering if and what kind of supplements and or vitamins to you take? I have not been taking any kind of vitamin or supplement for some time and don't have the energy like I used to :-( . Do you have any suggestions? Thanks, Stacy
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    Thanks Cathe!!

    Just want to say thankyou very much! I enjoy all of the bonuses on all of the dvds! Such a wonderful added extra touch! The abs on the dvds are absolutely wonderful! After doing both butts and guts and body max, it is so easy to continue to do the abs. If these weren't on here already I...
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    Cedi's Looking Good!

    Did anyone ever find out what Cedi really did to lose the weight and look as great as she does?