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    Very upset..

    Another hobbler I just had a doctor's appointment this morning. I'd originally injured my knee a little over a year ago (playing racquetball) and was repeatedly told it was no big deal. I just reinjured it in September when I was on vacation (coming off of a bike on a steep hill) and on Monday...
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    You're not alone It took me about eight weeks to lose the Christmas vacation weight I'd put on--that was about eight pounds, too, just like yourself. (I admit I had a minor setback with the Valentine's Day chocolate hearts , though.) I definitely got frustrated at times, but I stuck with it...
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    decreasing the bulk

    Hey Jennifer! I actually do heavy-weight and endurance-type training in the same week. I usually do the PS series early in the week and then do BodyMax or MIS on the weekend. I also fit in a Swiss Ball Training class (which has realy helped with core strength, stability, balance) plus yoga once...
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    decreasing the bulk

    My two cents Hi Lollie. I, too, am on the "thick" side, particularly my upper body. I basically engage in the same activities as you, and I was getting pretty much the same response from my body. In the past couple months, however, I've changed my routine a bit and have seen good results. For...
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    Counteractive training

    Hi Cathe (and all), I read in a recent post regarding doing strength and cardio training in the same day that you may sacrifice the benefits of lifting if you engage in an aerobic activity afterward--I think the particular question asked how gains would be affected if you did a tough leg...
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    Cathe......Still haven't found a long step. Help!

    Sam's Club Web site It's not fully up yet, but it looks like you will be able to purchase memberships and merchandise online from them when it is. Don't know what your time frame is, but that's another option. They've got a readiness meter-type thing that shows what stage of development their...
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    Help! I need some encouragement...

    Jumping I've always felt that jumping and running properly, with good form, are very difficult. They're really movements that are powered by the legs, with the hands on the bars just for support. Both, I've been taught, require you to think about rising up out of the seat in a more upright...
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    CATHE- need advise and help!!

    Food It's funny that Jess mentioned it, but I just visited a dietician for the first time last week. I have been trying to get rid of just a few more pounds of bodyfat, feeling like the effort has been futile. Since I stick to a diverse and active exercise schedule (that I REALLY experimented...
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    Help! I need some encouragement...

    It gets better As was already mentioned, it helps somewhat in the beginning to have the handlebars up a bit higher so that you're in a more upright position. That kind of takes the pressure off the delicate areas (and the back, I think, too) a bit. Otherwise, padded shorts help. I think your...
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    How about a Eric update?

    Cute back-sleeping Funny about the 90-degree angles! My cousin just had a baby, and her little guy does the same thing. It's just adorable and interesting to find out that Eric's sleeping in the same position! Jessica
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    cross training

    Great to hear I'm going through the same thing, a kind of "withdrawal" from step. In September, I injured my knee playing racquetball. At the time, I had been training on the bike almost exclusively (with an occasional game of racquetball thrown in, unfortunately) for an upcoming event. After...
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    Hi Everyone!

    Congratulations & welcome back! What a blessed time for your and your family! As a single non-mother looking forward to having my own child, I must say that I'm a bit envious--of everything but the sleep part . Ny cousin actually just gave birth to a baby boy last week, and my would-be...
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    Too modest No "just" about being a mom, for sure! But I can relate to that feeling of satisfaction that comes from exercise. I can only imagine what that feels like in combination with the joy of being a mother! Much respect, Jessica
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    Smile pregnant ladies your beautiful!

    Totally! It's funny that you mention this. Just yesterday, I found out that a friend of mine who had also been trying to get pregnant is now confirmd at eight weeks. Anyway, I just saw her maybe four weeks ago, and I was thinking that she was just looking particularly great, just radiant and...
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    Guys Doing Cathe Tapes

    Wow. Philosophy meets physiology for NFL fans. Pretty intense. Very cool.
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    What Motivates You?

    Ditto, plus... the feeling of accomplishment that results in self-confidence, physically and psychologically, is invaluable. I'm stronger and more cardiovascularly capable than I've ever been in my life--which is really an accomplishment for me as an asthmatic who's had to struggle with aerobic...