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    Louder Music option

    Cathe PLEASE and will you consider bringing the louder music option back on the cardio!!!!???? I want to order that new series!!! Please say you will. Absolutely love that feature! Theresa
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    I purchased a gym floor from Gerstung

    After many hours of research....I purchased an energy block floor from Gerstung. I have to say I wish I had done it many years sooner. I am a home exerciser and I love Cathe's workouts but, my knees, ankles, hips took a beating after many years of jumping around on mats in my basement. (Good...
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    Cathe Help!

    Cathe I was wondering if you still carry that order book/magazine you made about 5-8 years ago. It consisited of all of your current DVDs at that time with all the breakdowns of each workout (ie. timesavers, premixes and each exercise, time.). Its a great book and I misplaced mine and its one...
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    Cathe Help!

    error Cathe was posted already
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    Your Gym Floor

    Good Morning ;) I was reviewing my new shock cardio DVD's and could not help but notice the floor flexing under your feet when you bounce....??? Quite interesting and very cool! I want it!!! Expensive? Name? Oh, and by the way Shock cardio...Perfect!! Job well done again. Thank you...