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    Any deliveries yet to the UK?

    Hi there, Probably a bit optimistic that DVD's will arrive this week but just wondered if the Postie has popped these though any UK letter boxes yet? I've ordered via USPS priority but no idea how long this takes. Looking forward to getting started after reading all the great...
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    Aerobox DVD's

    Hi there, I love the Aerobox/Aerospace DVD's and was so excited to find and the new DVD's...but they don't ship to the UK! Jen from Advanced Workouts won't be able to stock them and there's no email address to contact them (just a contact tel. no. and address) so just...
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    Motivation..lack of!!

    Hi there, a few weeks ago i took part in a fantastic off road adventure race - the weather was torrential and the obstacles challenging! I was head to toe in mud by the time i finished but absolutely loved it! the problem is now that 3 weeks on i can't be bothered to do anything!! i'm...
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    Timesaver Rotation

    I'm currently working my way through Cathe's January rotation but due to a new puppy I'm having to adapt - rather than do the full workout, I'm trying to hit the gym for a quick run at lunchtime and fit in a timesaver premix when I get home from work ...I can usually sneak in 30 minutes during...