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    My digital scale is pathetic!

    Okay I know we need to measure with a tape measure to track our progress. But I thought using my scale also here and there would help. My scale is TERRIBLE. Does anyone else have a digital scale that is pathetic? One time I get on it reads one number....and even for 5 or 6 times in a row and...
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    Checking in

    I hit a different button so hopefully I am posting in the right place....if not please forgive me=) I did better but not great. Sunday-Step heat Monday-Tae Bo advanced #2 30 mins Tuesday-off Wednesday-put ankle weights on and did toning Thursday-step portion of Get in shape for your wedding...
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    Thanks to everyone who emailed me about ER!

    You are all so incredibly sweet!!!!! Thanks for taking time to email me......And I am still in shock!!!!!!!! Maybe it was kinda of good I missed it....things upset me and I probably would have tossed and turned!!!! MichelleP
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    How about a Eric update?

    Okay Cathe, I know you are a busy woman but how about just a little info on Eric....things he does that you love, how he sleeps, etc etc.....MichelleP
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    Cathe combo's

    I was wondering what combo's has anyone came up with using Cathe tapes. Since I like to cut Interval Max in 2 different parts I did a pretty good one the other day. Here goes Warm-up Mega Step Blast Last 5 intervals-Interval Max Back to Mega Step Blast-First section of it Cool down and stretch...
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    Smile pregnant ladies your beautiful!

    I know that everyone says that pregnant women are beautiful and in fact I think they are.......The other day my friend who has been trying to get pregnant was talking to me at the store......I came home and told my dh ....."she just looked so gorgeous".......she called yesterday and in deed she...
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    I just LOVE MIC!

    I just got done doing the floor section of MIC....I love it because the floor section is only around 28 mins long but afterwards you feel like you worked out for 45 mins. I love that tape because I can split it up.....Love that tape! Just had to share=) Michelle
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    What I really love about Cathe tapes!

    Besides thinking that Cathe is awesome and adorable. Is that her tapes can be broken up for mini-workouts which is great for me....I have 3 children and just had my daughter 5 months ago so most of the time I am short on time or too tired to go all out. Today for example I had a major headache...
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    Have you took a week off from exercise?

    I was just wondering if so how did you feel after you came back? Also did you lose any gains or results you had made? I was getting burned out and decided to take a week off from exercise....7 full days and here it is day 3 and I feel guilty....but I was getting unmotivated. I get this fear that...