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  1. hrcfitness

    Cathe Live Sticks at times...

    So I'm trying to figure out why when I play my Cathe Lives they "stick". I can still hear the audio but he picture stops. It usually catches up but any idea why this is happening to me? Also today I'm not sure what was going on but The Step HIIT workout just basically stopped a few times...
  2. hrcfitness

    Why does Cathe Live "stick" at times

    So I'm trying to figure out why when I play my Cathe Lives they "stick". I can still hear the audio but he picture stops. It usually catches up but any idea why this is happening to me? Also today I'm not sure what was going on but The Step HIIT workout just basically stopped a few times...
  3. hrcfitness

    Live Workouts are AWESOME!

    For those of you that have not yet tried the Cathe Live Workouts you are missing out! I've now done all 3 and they just keep getting better! Once again Cathe and crew have out done themselves!
  4. hrcfitness

    Beyonce looks amazing!

    I only watched the Grammy's for a few minutes last night but I have to say Beyonce looked awesome! I love that she is curvy sexy woman! I think it's awesome to see that she is real! She's beautiful and looks fit and healthy!
  5. hrcfitness

    Getting Leaner Legs

    Hi Cathe, Do you have a rotation that you would recommend for really leaning out the Legs? I have STS and was thinking that if I did that and combined it with some of the metabolic workouts...thoughts? Thanks Elena
  6. hrcfitness

    Vet in Charleston SC

    Hi All, This is completely off topic but is there anyone in the Charleston SC area that can recommend a good vet? My son is a student at the College of Charleston and he found a stray kitten. He wants to take her to the vet to get her checked out. He's thinking he may keep her as well. He's...
  7. hrcfitness

    How Heavy in Slow & Heavy

    I just got S&H and I did the Chests, Back portion the other day. I was in shock that I was using weights that were MUCH higher than Cathe. In some cases I was using 25 and 30lbs when she was using 15's! Am I doing something wrong? And to boot I didn't even have DOMS all that bad. Would I be...
  8. hrcfitness

    Did anyone get an email confirmation for the Roadtrip?

    I signed on right at noon and got a screen after the registration that says "Congratulations See you at the Roadtrip" and my email address was in the left hand corner of the page...but now 3 hours later I still do not have an actual email in my box saying I got in? Anyone else? Did I do...
  9. hrcfitness

    Dec. Butt Rotation Check In

    Hi Everyone, Here is the new check in thread for the month of December. I took today as a rest day. Tomorrow is going to be STS Disk 4 for me along with Abs. See you all tomorrow.
  10. hrcfitness

    Nov. Butt Rotation Check In

    Hi Ellen, Well getting up was super hard but I did it! I had to do X-10 since I don't have Intensity. I really love this DVD. I wanted to do the 77 min version but just didn't have enough time. So I did the 54. I'm going to do the other 2 sections later tonight. Have a good day! Elena
  11. hrcfitness

    Anyone interested in a Nov. Rotation Check in?

    I'm planning on starting the Nov. Butt Rotation that Cathe posted today on Monday. Anyone interested in a Check In for the month? I really want to stick to this one and I think being accountable to folks will keep me motivated. Thanks Elena
  12. hrcfitness

    Flex Train is AWESOME

    I just finished this one and I loved it!! It's great! Moved so quickly and felt it all! The music is GREAT! Did Rockin Knockout last night with the heavy bag and that was a winner too! The music in these is really fun! Love hearing all my favorite songs re-mixed! Cathe these are just...
  13. hrcfitness

    New Cathe Tshirts

    Hi there, Any chance your going to have those new Cathe Tshirts in stock? The black with/purple writing is super cute! Thanks
  14. hrcfitness

    Is this pre menapause?

    I'm 42 and an avid advanced exerciser. I've always eaten really well. Very clean etc. ok truth I do drink wine and eat out 1-2 times per week. I've gained about 6 or 7 lbs over the last few years. But they come and go with my period! Like today I weighed 128. 2 weeks ago it was 123...
  15. hrcfitness

    Cathe TV classes LIVE?

    I thought I recently read that we were going to be able to go on-line and view cathe classes as they happen....did I imagine that or is it true? And if so when? Thanks
  16. hrcfitness

    Sizing for Ryka's

    Hi I'm going to buy the Rykas Influence and Dynamic from Amazon today..they are having a special ($20 off orders over $100). How does the sizing run? I wear Asiscs usually and I have to go up from a 6 to 6.5 for fit. Thanks And any feedback you have on these styles would be great too! I...
  17. hrcfitness

    Heart Rate Monitor

    I just read the article in this weeks newsletter on Heart Rate monitors...which one do you all use? I have zero idea on what to get...any input would be great! Thanks Elena
  18. hrcfitness

    Does anyone use Kinetic Flix for DVD rentals

    Frequently Asked Questions - - Rent Fitness, Dance & Sports DVDs Does anyone here use this site to rent exercise DVD's? I'm thinking it might be a good idea to trying some of the "sets" that are more expensive like T-25. It's a monthly membership and that thought I don't...
  19. hrcfitness

    Painless bathing suit shopping..thanks Cathe!

    Cathe, I just had to say that I went bathing suit shopping today and it was painless! Actually it was fun and for the first time in my life I could have bought more than 1 suit! I have really tightened up my diet and been sticking to your workouts and today I really felt like I could see and...
  20. hrcfitness

    Pet Sitters ?

    Hi All, This is very off topic but I'm curious if anyone has any advice for me: We have 2 cats (both under 2yrs old). We've had them about a year now. They are soooo loving. And they hate to be alone. They do fine during the day while we are all out at work but when we are home they are...