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  1. Mad-Dog88

    How did everyone start exercising??

    I was just wondering how did everyone start/get in to exercising?? I started back in the early 80's doing Jane Fonda and Kathy Smith with my Mom. Plus I had a teacher in grade school that was also, a Jazzercise instructor. However by the late 80's / early 90's my Mom got into going to the gym...
  2. Mad-Dog88

    Anyone watch Physical on Apple TV??

    I keep seeing ads for Physical on Apple TV. Anyway, it looks interesting and I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on it?? I don't get Apple TV but if it's a good show I might get it. Geoff
  3. Mad-Dog88


    Just wanted to wish everyone in Catheland a HAPPY FESTIVUS!!! I had the pole outside my office today :p
  4. Mad-Dog88

    Looking for a good Exercise Mat

    Hi Ladies, I'm looking for a new exercise mat and I'm very picky. I had a blue 2x6ft Everlast mat that lasted about 2/3 years before it started to get tears in it. I got a mat from ProSource Fit about 18 months ago and it's starting to show some wear and tear. It has good thickness but a bit to...
  5. Mad-Dog88

    Cathe 2020 Calendar

    Does anyone know if they plan to come out with a Cathe 2020 Calendar?? Geoff
  6. Mad-Dog88

    Making a Punching Bag

    Hi Ladies, I was thinking about making my own punching bag. If I recall correctly, if you get a hook and hang it from the celling and use an old pillow case works? Has anyone ever done it?? Thoughts?? Thanks, Geoff
  7. Mad-Dog88

    Daily Check in Friday September 4, 2020....HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

    Hi Ladies, Rest day yesterday, but some good news lost 3lbs since last week!!! Also, just bought Cathe Low Impact Athletic Training!!! I'm good with weekly. Some of the other check in's are so long it's hard to kind of jump in with over 1,000 posts :) Happy Friday, Geoff
  8. Mad-Dog88

    Daily Check in Tuesday September 1, 2020....Happy Hump Day!!

    Hi Ladies, Mat work from Butts and Guts in the books and my legs feel like jello! Is Mercedes Boylan Cathe's second in command? She seems to appear in a lot of workouts. Also, small steps at eating better! Pasta salad with tomatoes and Italian dressing. Need to lay off the pizza rolls...
  9. Mad-Dog88

    Daily Check in Tuesday September 1, 2020....Happy September!!!

    Hi Ladies, Cooper, got a case of the zoomies so I figured I would get the ball rolling on September! Sunday was Firm Upper Body Split an Aerobic Weight Training workout with a focus on the upper body. Monday, was Firm Upper Body Sculpt in the books! Closed out August with 25 workouts and 180...
  10. Mad-Dog88

    Daily Check in Thursday August 27th, 2020..HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

    Hi Ladies, Since I was up early, I would get the day started. Rest day for today and tomorrow for me. Yesterdays post; I miss NJ and the diners!!! However, don't miss the winter!! Good thing about being a Yankees fan :) Everyone at work gives me a hard time recuse I'm a Yankee fan and from NJ...
  11. Mad-Dog88

    Ever Notice.....

    Hopefully, thing gives you a laugh. However, ever notice that just about every gym, aerobics/Jazzercise Studio, weight loss center has a donut, pizza, or fast food place next to it? I have a feeling if I opened one of them next to Cathe's health club this would happen to me since she's in New...
  12. Mad-Dog88

    Daily Check in Wednesday August 26, 2020..HUMP DAY!!!!

    Hi Ladies, Hope, I didn't overstep my bounds by getting the day started. Last night was Kathy Smith Secrets of a Great Upper Body in the books...Technically a Cathe workout just a different Cathe On a serious note this is probably one of the best non Cathe upper body workouts around...
  13. Mad-Dog88


    I've been a loyal Delta Sky Miles Member for over 20 years and for the past 10 years I have a rule I don't fly coach. I've been building my miles to go on my dream trip to Rome. Back in May I Cashed in my miles to go to Rome in March 2021 in First. Today, I get a message saying they changed my...
  14. Mad-Dog88

    You Tube Workouts

    I was lucky to come across this Cathe Workout on Youtube this week: I was wondering if she had any upper or lower body (Mat Workouts) On Youtube as I branch out into the Cathe Universe. Geoff
  15. Mad-Dog88

    For I have sinned!!!!

    Forgive me Cathletes for I'm about to sin and have some deep dish Chicago Pizza from Lou Malnati's!! What's my punishment??
  16. Mad-Dog88

    Giving it a Second Try in memory of a Friend

    Hello Good People, A few years ago I was starting get interested in in Cathe's workouts but had a bad customer service experience and that left a sour taste in my mouth. However, I'm not hear to live in or dwell on the past. I met a lot of nice Cathe fans in my short time that I was interested...