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  1. freebird

    Egg weights

    Anyone else hear of Egg weights? Just bought a set, held them during Rev'd up Rumble and it REALLY kicked up the intensity a few notches. Definitely a good fitness purchase, about $45. I bought the "cardio max" set, 3 pounds total.
  2. freebird

    Can't connect to live

    I've been trying to play different live workouts from different devices and trying both the app and the website. Keep getting a msg saying try again later. Yesterday and today. Anyone else having any issues?
  3. freebird

    Upcoming Step series?

    Heard some talk on Facebook that Cathe had a FB story hinting at a new step series? Could an announcement be forthcoming? Hmmm..
  4. freebird

    idea for cathe live

    How about low impact tabatacise? Did the original this morning, it's one of my favorites, such a great workout that accomplishes so much in a short amount of time. A low impact version would be heavenly...
  5. freebird

    inflammation story

    Hi cathe, I'm anxiously awaiting your inflammation story that u mentioned a while back. I was diagnosed with lupus about 18 months ago and it's been a rocky road since. I refuse to give in to the disease, I'm still working out consistently and eating clean, as I have done for over 12 yrs now...