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  1. llp

    Workout Manager Icons are Missing for Step Boss

    Hi to the Support Team, When I add a DVD workout to the WM, the Step Boss icons don't show up. They do continue to show up for the other workouts. I did not know if others have this issue, or if this is a known issue that will eventually get fixed. Thank you and let me know!
  2. llp

    Gym Style Legs substitution?

    Hi Cathe! Looking forward to doing your May 2013 Rotation! I have all the workouts listed except for GS Legs. Can you suggest some workouts to sub? I have most all of your other ones! Thanks! ~linda
  3. llp

    Slanted Risers -- availability??

    Hi! I am not sure where to post this, but, does anyone know if Cathe's shop will offer Slanted Risers in the near future? I want to pre-order the next series and take advantage of the discount on these(if I can)! Thank you!
  4. llp

    Sharing car rental info

    I thought this was a good deal that I got on my car rental, so I wanted to share. I used Budget Car Rental, using these codes: Budget Customer Discount (BCD) # X793200 and coupon # UUGZ039 when making my reservation...
  5. llp

    In room in your car for an extra passenger?

    :DHi There! I was wondering if someone happened to have extra room in their car from Midway on Thursday afternoon going to Lake Geneva? Originally I was going to share a car with 2 others (Kathy B and Linda R), but, they get there at 9:30 am and noon. I get there at ~3:00pm, so that means...
  6. llp

    Bonus Step in LISLIC & LIS Cardio Super Sets question

    Does anyone know if the Bonus Step workouts are the same workouts on both LIS Cardio Super Sets *and* in LIS Low Impact Challenge? They both have the same number of minutes to complete. I am not at home now, otherwise I'd pop in the DVDs and check! Thanks,
  7. llp

    WEN alert (a good deal)

    Just got this in email. Good deal on WEN----|nl|em_WEN_fauxpd,html?cm_ven=APTSV&cm_cat=WEN112911&cm_pla=ACTIVE&cm_ite=SHORTLINE_FAUXPD WEN by ChazDean Set of 5 16 oz. Cleansing Conditioners w/Gift Boxes Price $79.86...
  8. llp

    STS really is a good deal! I found my presale invoice

    I looked through my old "orders" folder and here is what I found: Saturday, January 12, 2008. Step N Motion Videos invoice # 17725 has been processed ! Grand Total of this invoice = $ 208.94 That was the first day of the presale for STS. It was $199 + S&H. I thought and still think the...
  9. llp

    New Downloads: Workout Cards & WM entry

    Hi! I've got 6 out of 8 downloads successfully! Thank you! I have 3 questions: 1) Will there be Workout Cards (like you had for the STS program) available soon for the DVD's that require weights and 1RM's to be performed? How soon can we expect to see them? 2) Along with the question above...
  10. llp

    What's the most cost effective way to go to/from the airport

    A question to anyone in the know: What's cheapest way to get to and from the hotel and the airport, cab or a shuttle service or something else? Please share, if you've got the insight. I'll call the hotel if I have time later, but, if someone does happen to know this, please let all of...
  11. llp

    What's the weather like in Houston now?

    Hi to anyone that knows Houston: I'm going to need to figure out what to pack(besides the workout stuff), as far as casual clothes in Houston at this time of year. So,... what's the weather like? Is it still pretty warm there? It's less than 2 weeks away! I wonder if we'll get any...
  12. llp

    Cable to go from ipod to TV?

    SNM: I'll most likely buy the downloads, but I've got a couple of questions before I do so. 1) Will the DVDs have the premixes on them just like the DVD's? 2) What type of cable do I buy to go from my ipod to the TV? (I want to make sure this works with my current SC downloads that I...
  13. llp

    question about WO Blender, chapter points on current dvd premixes

    SNM, Will you be able to provide the chapter points on current DVDs which have premixes? That way when I get the downloads(I don't have all Cathe's DVDs), I can make premixes just like the ones you guys have already made? Thanks! This sounds like a great tool!
  14. llp

    Zumba Party for us TX Roadtrippers?

    Hi Cathe and SNM: It sounds like so much fun the Glassboro NJ Roadtrippers are having already(before it starts)! The excitement oozes over here in the Houston RT forum! Anyway, I noticed part of the excitement was the Zumba Party you're going to have there. Could we get that for the TX...
  15. llp

    ? about pre-event activities...

    Hi Cathe & SNM!:D On your RT Blog( ), you wrote: "Special social pre-event activities are being planned, so you may want to arrive a day early." I was just wondering what time those activities will start? I was looking at all my flights and...
  16. llp

    Feedback Survey for San Diego Roadtrip???

    Hi Cathe/Chris/Tom: Just wondering if there is going to be a feedback form for San Diego RT? Tom mentioned he'd talked to Chris about sending us one through email, since we didn't have one to fill out in SD. I have lots of positive comments I want to give as feedback! :)
  17. llp

    WM lists exercises backwards

    I have something weird going on in the WM. I am doing Meso 2 Week 3 for 2 weeks in a row. The second week for "legs" has listed all the exercises backwards! That would be for March 4(thursday). It has Calf Raises listed as the first exercise -- it should be last. It has Lateral Step Ups listed...
  18. llp

    drop drag a w.o. to another day in a diff month?

    Hi Support People! I understand how to drop and drag a workout on the calendar to a different day. I can do that within a particular month. I can move a workout within March to a different day within March. I cannot figure out how to move a March workout to a day in April. The slow way to do...
  19. llp

    SNM question/departing shuttle sign-up sheet

    Hi Cathe & SNM! A few of us, on another thread are discussing getting a sign-up sheet placed at the registration table for the Cloud 9 shuttle, departing for the airport at approximately 10:45am, Sunday, the last day of the RT. So, here are a few questions, which will help us get to the...
  20. llp

    question Lorrayne??

    Hi Lorrayne: Are you the official coordinator? I don't see who we should direct our questions to! My question is also an airport question. If I were to book a 1:30 flight out of San Diego on Sunday, is that enough time after breakfast to get to the airport and check-in, especially with all...