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  1. Conni

    Stretchmax 2

    Hi Cathe, Would love to see a stretch workout in your next series, perhaps similar to Stretchmax, but more updated. Yoga is fine, but it is hard to find a good full stretch workout that does not incorporate yoga heavily. Thanks.
  2. Conni

    Daily Check In, Friday August 12

    Hi ladies, Today was Cathe Live Cardio Boxing with Hiit and core from yesterday. Great sweat!!
  3. Conni

    Daily Check In, Thursday August 11

    Hi ladies, Better late than never! Monday -Cathe Live Low Impact Crush Tuesday SH Chest and Back and Planks Wednesday - KCM Step boxing, both workouts. Thursday SH Biceps, Triceps and Core. Going to watch the Live workout today to see if I want to do that one tomorrow!
  4. Conni

    Daily Check In Thursday, July 18

    Hi ladies! Siobhan - Sean is great, working his rear end off this summer and getting ready to go back to school. Got an apartment this year ( God help us..). I am busy with DH in rehab due to pneumonia ( that can really mess up an MS patient), and getting 1776 ( the show I did for Hudson...
  5. Conni

    Daily Check In, Wednesday July 27

    Hi ladies, Let's get this going today! I did Cathe Live Steptastic and the core from Upper Body Barbell. Sweaty mess!!
  6. Conni

    Daily Check In, Wednesday February 24

    Hi everyone, Sorry I have been MIA again. Let's see- Monday - TF STretch 40 and abs. Tuesday - Rockm Sockm and BB Today - ICE Metabolic Total Body and Core 1. Hope you are all having a great week so far!
  7. Conni

    Daily Check In, Friday Feb.19

    Hi ladies, Today was Flextrain. That one sneaks up and bites! Have a great Friday!
  8. Conni

    Daily Check In, Thursday Feb.18

    Hi ladies, Yesterday I did Cathe Live High Reps and today was Party Rockin Step 2. Hope you are all doing well today!
  9. Conni

    Daily Check In, Friday February 5

    Hi ladies, Opening night tonight for 1776! Can't wait to get this show off and rolling! Today was Afterburn, just what I needed.
  10. Conni

    Daily Check In, Monday Feb. 1

    Hi ladies, Sorry I was MIA this weekend, lots of rehearsing going on. 1776 opens Friday! Really shaping up to be a special production, can't wait until these talented actors get a real audience. Let's see.. Saturday was RWH Upper Body Circuit. Sunday was Cathe Live Power Step and RWH core...
  11. Conni

    Daily Check In, Friday January 22

    Hi everyone, Today was Cathe Live ICE Chiseled Upper and Lower Body Blast as a sub for Supercuts. Perfect for the day! Stay safe from the blizzard everyone!!
  12. Conni

    Daily Check In, Tuesday Jan.19

    Hi everyone, Today was ICE Total Body Metabolic workout with Blizzard Blast. I went up in all weights for the main workout and stayed with Cathe on the blast. Good, solid workout.
  13. Conni

    Daily Check In, Monday Jan. 18

    Hi everyone, Great to see all these new faces on the check in! I missed you all this weekend, but I did my workouts: Saturday - Cardio Leg Blast Sunday - KCM Cardio Pump, ICE Chiseled Upper Body and core 2. Today was Christi's Still Jumpin' for my steady state cardio. Hope you survive Monday!
  14. Conni

    Daily Check in, January 1, 2016

    Hi everyone, Happy New Year. As expected we spent yesterday afternoon at the hospital. Situation is under control, but DH is very stressed until they fix the problem..could be a week or so. So looking forward to these fun times.. Today was RWH Plyo 1 and core 1. Just about did me in, but I...
  15. Conni

    Daily Check in, Wednesday December 30

    Hi everyone, ICE Upper body and core 2 today. Needed to increase weights to get anything out of this ..
  16. Conni

    Daily Check in, Monday December 28

    Hi ladies, Today was rest day - Yoga mind and body. Thinking about doing an ICE tomorrow..
  17. Conni

    Daily Check In Sunday December 27

    Hi ladies, I need to catch up here.. Xmas day was ICE Live Bootcamp, yesterday was ICE Low impact Sweat with all add ons, today was Lift It Hiit it Legs Live and core from Total Body Live. Getting the house back in order today so I can get busy with some show work...
  18. Conni

    Daily Check In, Tuesday December 22

    Hi ladies, Today was a rest day, TF core 20 and TF stretch 40. Got my ICE yesterday. Hoping to do one tomorrow perhaps??
  19. Conni

    Daily Check In, Monday December 21

    Hi ladies, Today was CTX Kickboxing. ICE coming today - hope it is difficult enough without adding on all kinds of stuff. I don't have 2 hours to workout!
  20. Conni

    Daily Check In, Thursday December 17

    Hi everyone, Today was CTX Step and Intervals. I am off tomorrow! Time to do lots of errands and more rehearsal!