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  1. sundari

    Results from "Muscle Building & Staying Lean"

    How many have had good results from doing just 2 cardios per week? I'm referring to Fitnessfreaks rotation where she says that all you need is just 2 cardios per week. I would really enjoy hearing if 2 cardios really works. Please post results or just say how it felt to just do less cardio...
  2. sundari

    How long are your daily workouts?

    I was just wondering when we workout each day with our assorted Cathe workouts (cardio, strength etc...) how long are we all working out each day? If we each include a cardio (step, kickboxing etc...) and a strength such as (gym styles or total body etc...) and abs, maybe even a stretch. How...
  3. sundari

    Degnerative Disc Disease & workouts

    I saw this pop up at Collage. With all the other threads here about knee pain and back problems, osteoporosis etc.... I've yet to see this pop up. Has this affected anyone's ability to do workouts such as step or aero type workouts? Step has been brought up affecting the back and knees...
  4. sundari

    New Workout Ideas

    Cathe it would be great to have a "Kickboxing/Step" and a "CTX 2".