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  1. Runcrazy

    <<<*** STS 6 Month Alumni - 2013!!!! ***>>>

    Let's go girls! Let's get back to regular checkins! To start the new year I just placed a lululemon order! Tomorrow I'll start Xtrain! Wednesday the gym will be back open and I'll do Xtrain and gym work! Let's band together and change our lives! Went to Costco today and loaded up on all the...
  2. Runcrazy

    <<<<***STS 6 Month Alumni***>>> --- September

    Getting us started!
  3. Runcrazy

    *** STS 6 Monthers Alumni *** July 2012 *** Fireworks ***

    Getting us started!
  4. Runcrazy

    *** STS 6-Monthers Alumni *** June 2012

    Hey! Getting us started...I think! :eek:
  5. Runcrazy

    STS 6 Month Alumni - ****May 2012****

    Getting us started!
  6. Runcrazy

    STS 6-Month Alumni ***March 2012***

    Hey! Just starting us out. I originally posted this in the old thread and then realized I should start a new month. This is cut and pasted: Happy March 1!!! Only 3 more weeks until spring! I decided to do Rhythmic Step again. I figure once I've mastered that I'm good to go on my other step...
  7. Runcrazy

    ***--->>>STS 6 Month Alumni Fathers Day Week <<<---***

    HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO DAD's and DH'S!!!! Getting us started!!!
  8. Runcrazy

    ><---***STS 6 Month Alumni Week of May 22 ***---><

  9. Runcrazy

    ****>>>STS 6 Month Alumni Mother's Day Week<<<****

    HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL!!! That includes mothers of children and critters!!! :D
  10. Runcrazy

    >>>>----STS 6 Month Alumni Week of April 10 ---<<<<

    WooHOO!!!! Getting us started!!
  11. Runcrazy

    <<<~~~ STS 6 Month Alumni Week of March 27 ~~~>>>

    Getting us started!
  12. Runcrazy

    ****<<<-----6 Monther Alumni---->>>>**** week of Feburary 20, 2011

    YES - Getting us started!!!
  13. Runcrazy

    ***>-6 Monther Alumni -<*** December 26, 2010

    Getting us started!! Wow, we're really coming to the end of the year FAST!!!
  14. Runcrazy

    ***>---6 Month Alumni---<*** December 19, 2010

    Getting us started! :p
  15. Runcrazy

    ~~~>---STS 6 Month Alumni - October 10 (10-10-10!!!) ---<~~~

    WOW!!! 10-10-10!!!! Just getting us started!!!
  16. Runcrazy

    ~~~>STS 6 Month Alumni - October 3<~~~

    Hi Girls! Getting us started!!! HAPPY OCTOBER!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Runcrazy

    >---STS 6 Monthers Alumni---< Week of July 25!!!!

    Getting us started!
  18. Runcrazy

    <---STS 6 Month Alumni Week of July 18!!!--->

    Happy Sunday! Getting us started!
  19. Runcrazy

    <---***STS 6 Month Alumni***---> Week of June 27

    Happy Sunday! Just getting us started!