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  1. kellymom

    My Afterburn Review

    ITA!! I've never had sweat fly around the room like that before.
  2. kellymom

    Running rotation with new LIS?

    I'm in almost the exact same situation (my half is on Oct. 16) and would love to see what suggestions you get! I have a very similar rotation going on as well.
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    Cathe-What is the optimum timing for fueling my workouts?

    Cathe, I have just FINALLY shed 17lbs that have been hanging on for the past 5 years. I dialed down the intensity of my workouts and put 100% effort into changing my eating habits. In the past I couldn't seem to handle focusing on both at the same time! So, I am now ready to get back to my...
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    Link is up on FB!!!

    77347! I can't wait! I ordered Stretch Max, too.
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    Cathe + Cathe = Drunkenness!

    Cathe- I just finished the one-two punch of STS TB and MMA Fusion and was so tired by the end that I looked like a drunken mess trying to hold the stretches! Needless to say, I think I *might* be feeling this tomorrow :p Thanks! Kelly
  6. kellymom

    TDEE question

    I'm another who questions using the values given by the BMR and TDEE. I've actually had my BMR tested with machines and masks and the whole 9 yards and it said my BMR was 1400--but I don't lose weight unless I go below that and keep up my exercise. I wonder if the real problem is the information...
  7. kellymom

    Medical Coverage Employer/Employee Question

    Ladies- I don't know that any of you will know the answer to this, but I thought this would be a great place to ask! My SIL is an hourly employee at a surgical center in Virginia (less than 50 salaried employees) and has to have major surgery this summer which will require her to take at...
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    Tricia, I can totally understand that some people just hated it--it's all subjective! Now, if they'd revealed that they were all dead the whole time, I would have been pissed! Fortunately, though, I did love it, and I completely agree with Liann's take on everything. You had to pay close...
  9. kellymom

    SNM: High Step Availability?

    I can find it with your link, but if I navigate to the shop.cathe page and go to steps and risers, it's not there! I could be having a premature senior moment :) Thanks for the link :)
  10. kellymom

    SNM: High Step Availability?

    Thank you! I saw the risers listed, but not the topper, so I was hoping it was just temporary. Kelly
  11. kellymom

    SNM: High Step Availability?

    SNM- I apologize if I missed this information somewhere (I tried to search the forums before asking), but am I correct in concluding that the high step is not available on the Shop Cathe site right now? A friend of mine wanted to get one and I was going to send her a link, but I couldn't find...
  12. kellymom

    Katherine Heigel as Stephanie Plum?

    Heigl has confirmed that this is true, but they're not filming yet, so things could change....she's not my favorite ;) I vote for Benjamin Bratt for Ranger (old Law and Order, was dating Julie Roberts long ago) and Ryan Gosling (The Notebook) for Morelli. I doubt he'd do it, but that would...
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    ? about Myrtle Beach

    I completely agree with the above posters. My family has been vacationing in Surfside/Garden City for the past 30 years and we stay in a beachfront house. There are many other options, though, to fit your budget. And I wholeheartedly recommend the Murrells Inlet restaurants! Another fun...
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    stood up

    I just wanted to say that it's okay to acknowlege and admit that this is hurtful and you're upset. You were treated badly, it's inexcusable, and it hurts your feelings. It's okay to be upset about it. Own it. When you do that, it's easier to move on, I think. You know he's not worth it, and...
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    So you've been hit in the head

    A few years ago I was loading a bunch of pre-made frozen meals into my side-by-side fridge/freezer and turned around while still bent over and SMACKED my forehead into the corner of my counter. No concussion, no dizziness, just a cut and a headache. The next day I did cardio fusion and thought...
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    Running irritations--literally :)

    I knew I'd get some great suggestions from everyone here! I'm new to the running thing, so I'm sure I'm going to come across a few more "irritations" as I up my mileage. I'm enjoying it soooo much. I've never been into running, other than maybe once a week for cross-training purposes. I decided...
  17. kellymom

    Running irritations--literally :)

    Why, oh why, do workout clothes that feel great for an hour of step, kickbox, kettlebells, you name it, turn on you when running longer distances?? I did a 7 mile run today (on the treadmill since it's currently 15 degrees and snowing) and around mile 3 the undersides of my arms were on FIRE...
  18. kellymom

    Did anyone see Avatar?

    Personally, I would hold off just because the story line may be hard for them to follow simply because it's more adult--not necessarily inappropriate. I think there were a few bad words sprinkled in there and there was one sexy kissing scene (in CGI, which made me giggle for a second). My...
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    Hiit and Headaches

    Iris, I haven't done these yet since I'm training for a half marathon, but I took a series of Hiit classes at my gym last year and had headaches after them for the first few weeks. In my experience, if the workout has you with your head down (think mountain climbers, etc.) and then you stand...
  20. kellymom

    True Blood

    Not till summer! I know, I know.....