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  1. Zenara25

    Will Perfect30 be available as individual DVD's?

    Hi, wondering if the Perfect30 DVD's will also be sold individually? If so any ideas when this will happen? Thanks
  2. Zenara25

    Cathe Live on Roku Missing 1/18/18 Jabs & Kicks

    Strange how it's showing the the newer 1/25/18 workout but not the older 1/18/18 Jabs & Kicks workout...
  3. Zenara25

    Cathe Live on Roku missing last 2 workouts

    Just wondering if there’s a reason why the last 2 Cathe Lives don’t show up on Roku? The last one available is dated 1/11/18. Thanks
  4. Zenara25

    Plyo & Yoga

    I'd love to see a DVD combining these 2 alternating from one to the next :) The yoga could be active recovery. Then maybe ending with core and a nice long stretch! I absolutely love Plyo and need more yoga/stretching ;) It would be a win win for me:D
  5. Zenara25

    Cathe's new Website Design

    I really like Cathe's new website design. However there's one issue I really really don't like:( The Blog now has such difficult text to read. It's so light. I wish it were like the text on the forum here. Now I don't read the blog anymore :( Anyone else have trouble with this? I did...