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    A dream and a wish

    Hey there - I attended the 2007 RT and talked to Linda, one of Cathe's lovely assistants. The converstaion turned to her job as a personal trainer and she encouraged me to pursue my dream of becoming a PT. This is my first post for a year. Yesterday my DH and I took the ACE Personal...
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    Boston Balance

    My DH is a spinning instructor and just received the Boston Balance 2008 spinning and fitness conference book put on by mad dog athletics. The conference is intended to train new instructors and complete credits to maintain certification. There are a plethora of fitness pros leading classes...
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    Xers +++Mmm Mmm Good! Monday++++ disregard

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    X'ers ++ Splendid Sunday++

    Good morning!:) Getting us started on a fine Sunday. I'm off to do Legs & Back/ARX.:P Hope to BBL to check on the xer's on a holiday weekend.
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    Two log-ins - delete one?

    I have two log-in names which are similar but not the same. I wish to delete one. How do I do this? Amy:P
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    Scrambled Eggs before breakfast

    I have been feeling sluggish for the last 4 days. Mostly because of my natural rhythms are down as I am getting closer to my period. Started out gun ho on the first of the year with intention to stick to Cathe's Jan. rotation. (I had to order 5 DVDS). It seems Kick Max was on Backorder and...
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    Bumping my noggin

    Upon watching the Low Impact footage I am very excited :-), although concerned about bumping my head or hitting my hand while performing the moves. My basement studio ceiling height and floor space may be a factor in performing some of those groovy new moves ;( . Does anyone have to deal with...