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  1. LCFulmer

    Lower Body Blast (May's rotation)

    Today's workout Lower Body Blast won't launch from the On Demand app. I'm using it via Android. This is the first time I've encountered this problem. If I go to the internet from my phone, I can open via web but not the app.
  2. LCFulmer

    How did you find out about Cathe?

    Once upon a time there was this channel on Verizon Fios called FitTV where I first saw Cathe. She was aired at 7pm ET where I learned about step aerobics and I became hooked. :) I was doing the workout without a stepper then I got a small one to start with; soon after my hubby purchased me the...
  3. LCFulmer

    Body Blast

    Hey I'm looking for a rotation that includes Body Blast series
  4. LCFulmer

    LITE done & done

    I really enjoyed the LITE series highly recommend it to others. Midway through I came down with a sinus infection & bronchitis. Being a member of the streaming service I greatly benefited from the time saver options which allowed me to still do the workouts for that week it took for the medicine...
  5. LCFulmer

    STS & Newer workout series

    Is there a rotation that includes the STS with the newer workouts like Ripped w/HiiT, X-Train, and/or others? I really enjoyed doing STS it really helped me developed muscles but I also enjoy the others as well.
  6. LCFulmer

    New to STS & want to track progress

    I'm about to start STS on Nov 6th & I'm trying to figure out how to track my progress. I printed the workout card and will write down the actual weight/rep but what do I do w/the information? Do I go in Workout Manager and update my 1RM with what I actually did? I'm currently doing ICE series...
  7. LCFulmer

    STS is there an App to track workout?

    Is there an app for STS? I want to track my weight lifting and would like to do it on my phone; I've downloaded a standard weight lifting app from google play but thought I'll check here to see if there's an option for STS. I have a fitness log but it only has 11 spaces for strength training...