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  1. jldx2in2000

    Cathe Live Favorites Option?

    Is there a way to mark the Cathe Live workouts as a favorite and then see which ones you marked as favorites so you can quickly return to them?
  2. jldx2in2000

    Items to Bring to Chicago

    This is my first road trip and I am excited (and nervous). I am starting to get my packing list together and I read through the What to Bring suggested packing list on the Chicago roadtrip site. This is probably a dumb question since it was not on the list but I am paranoid I will miss...
  3. jldx2in2000

    Get Glutes Program

    Has anyone subscribed to the Get Glutes program offered by Bret Contreras, Marianne Kane, and Kellie Davis? They are having a sale where you get lifetime membership for the price of 6 months ($120). Just wondering if anyone who has done it thinks it is worth it to subscribe. I love...
  4. jldx2in2000

    Worms on my cashews!

    A few months ago I bought some raw cashews and raw almonds from the bulk section of my natural foods store. I put them in airtight containers and have been snacking on them off and on. Well, the other night I put together some cashews and raisins for a snack and found a tiny little white worm...
  5. jldx2in2000

    Help, please! Spinning hurts!

    First, I would like to apologize for this containing too much information. :o I got a Spinner Fit bike back in June. I love spinning and even though I have this slight annoying problem, I have no intentions of quitting. Since June, I have been spinning 1-2 times a week with each session...
  6. jldx2in2000

    Spinning Calorie Burn w/BodyBugg (GWF/Bodymedia)

    I have a GoWearFit and I absolutely love that it tracks my calorie burn all day but I can't understand what is going on with my calorie burn during spinning. During a 30 minute run, I burn 300 calories. During a 15 minute fast walk, I burn 100 calories. Both of these numbers seem to be in...
  7. jldx2in2000

    HELP! Spinning makes my head spin!

    I am very excited about Cathe’s upcoming Cycle Max workout! :eek: I have never done spinning before. I don’t currently own a spin bike but am planning to buy one. I like the Spinner Fit from as it fits my budget and I know I won’t be spinning every day or maybe even every week...
  8. jldx2in2000

    Flooring Suggestions Please

    We are remodeling and I am very close to having my very own home gym. :eek: The room is small (11.5' x 10') and will be in the basement with the floor as ceramic tile over concrete. Obviously the flooring is not suited for working out! My plan would be to use the room for everything...
  9. jldx2in2000

    Weight Loss/Gain Forecaster Error

    I entered calories eaten today as 1500 and my TDEE tab shows 2105 however when I click the calculate button it gives me an error message that says "Your TDEE value is 0. Please check it!". I attached ascreen shot of my TDEE tab and the error message. Thanks!
  10. jldx2in2000

    Barbell Position for Plie Squats?

    In some videos, Cathe holds the barbell behind her for plie squats and in other videos she holds it in front. I am more comfortable holding it behind me but I don't want to lose any benefit from switching up. Does anyone know if it makes a difference how you hold the bar? :confused: TIA!
  11. jldx2in2000

    How often do you change your shoes?

    I have two pairs of shoes for exercising: 1) for running and 2) for all other workouts (step, kickboxing, hi/lo, weight, circuit, etc.). I have heard that for running, you should get new shoes after 500 miles (or something close to that). If I am doing an average of 6 non-running workouts...
  12. jldx2in2000

    Pillow Recommendations Please!

    This is probably a silly question but can anyone recommend a really good pillow? I have perpetual stiffness/soreness in my neck, shoulders, and upper back. I also struggle with getting a full night's sleep because I wake up several times in the night to shift my pillow and try to get...
  13. jldx2in2000

    Funny Things That Happen When Working Out

    Ok! This is almost a little embarrassing to say but it also so funny I have to tell someone! First, let me explain that I pretty much workout in the dark; just the light in the hallway and the TV to see by. This is because if I turn the light on in the room I work out in it gets way too hot...
  14. jldx2in2000

    Streaming Video through Wii

    I know you can stream Netflix through your Wii. Can you also stream other types of video (like Cathe or downloads) that are stored on your computer through the Wii? I am very much not tech savvy so any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  15. jldx2in2000

    Calorie Deficit Error

    I actually ate over my TDEE one day but noticed that the excess calories still showed up as a calorie deficit. Is there some way to differentiate between a calorie deficit and a calorie excess? Would allowing the program to show a positive or negative sign in front of the number solve the...
  16. jldx2in2000

    Another Workout Manager Suggestion

    I really like the Calorie Deficit feature and was wondering if there would be some way in the future to see a sum of multiple dates. For instance, I would like to be able to see the sum of all my calorie deficit for one week. Thanks for all you do!
  17. jldx2in2000

    Food Diary?

    I see in the new Workout Manager that the Food Diary is powered by Fatsecret. I currently use Fatsecret to calculate my calories. Will there be a way to link our current Fatsecret account to the Workout Manager Food Diary? Thanks!
  18. jldx2in2000

    Didn't receive last newsletter

    In another thread on here, posters mentioned receiving a newsletter yesterday, November 9. I checked my inbox as well as my Junk/Spam folder and didn't see one even though I have always gotten them in the past. Did I somehow get deleted from the distribution? If so, how do I get my name...
  19. jldx2in2000

    Media Player and Downloads ?

    I am not very techy. If you explain it to me, I can do it; but I just don't keep up with all the new advances to know what to do on my own. I have been trying to read through threads here but would like some more information on playing downloads on a tv. I do not own an Ipod or anything...
  20. jldx2in2000

    iFit Maps

    Has anyone ever used the iFit Google maps to draw a race route for a 5K? I have never done a 5K before, and was toying with the idea but wanted to be able to train for it on my treadmill. My treadmill is 4 or 5 years old. I know I can hook a computer up to it and use iFit but it doesn't...