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  1. ashumate


    Morning Ladies - I had to get an early start today. I did shoulders and abs tabatas style - 5 minute warm up on tread mill. I tried to go a bit lighter and do more reps more quickly - but to keep form, I can't get more than about 10 reps in per 10 second session - so...I got a good burn going...
  2. ashumate

    Hardcore fitness maniacs hotties 4-2-09

    Morning Ladies to day was tabatas bis and tris - 5 minute warm up on TM try to get cardio in later today. TRICEPS Lying Barbell Extension: 20 # - 8 sets/8-9 reps varied, last set was 7 reps (up 5#) Bench Dips: BW - 8 sets/15-12 varied reps Overhead Dumbbell Extension: 1- 15# db- 8 sets 8-9...
  3. ashumate

    Hardcore FITNESS HOTTIES 3/27

    HELLO - where is everyone? today was shoulders - followed by the Oxygen ab work out minus the v ups (they hurt my low back) SHOULDERS Dumbbell Press: 15s - 11/10/9 10s -10/10/10/10/10 Front Raise: 10# plate - 9/10/10/9/9/10/9/9 These started easy but I had trouble at the end Rear Delt...
  4. ashumate


    Morning Ladies! I went to Kroger and looked for the M&F mag and they didnot have it - so today I am doing a tabattas workout I found on the web. It is compund exercises like squat press, swings, etc. The video is of a girl doing tabatas squat pushes with 35# dumbbells. I think that may be a...
  5. ashumate

    Harcore Fitness Maniacs - March 12

    Hi ladies - today I am going to legs again. I overslept and don't have much time. Thanks for the notes about that crazy low calorie diet - I don't think it is achievable or healthy. BBL to post stats.
  6. ashumate


    Morning ladies - today I will try to use the versa gripps correctly. BBL to let you know how it goes.
  7. ashumate

    Hard core maniacs - Monday 2-23

    hi ladies - gotta hurry today - cardio Cardio Jump rope 8 minutes squat press combo 20 jump rope 4 minutes plie sqat with curl 20 Jump rope 4 minutes dumbbell swings 20 jump rope 4 minutes 3 push ups - 1...
  8. ashumate

    Hard Core Maniact Hot Foxy Ladies -2-18

    Quick check to see if my avatar works. Will post work out later.
  9. ashumate

    Hardcore Fitness Maniac Hotties! 2-14-09

    Morning Ladies! How are you guys? I have dropped 1.5% Body fate since 1/31!!! YAY!!! Today I am going to workout with bands and try to get the Husband involved with partner exercises! Have a great day!
  10. ashumate

    Hardcore Fitness Maniacs HAPPY NEW YEAR 1-1-09

    Morning Ladies: I am getting ready for the 5k. Should be fun. Then it is football all day - it very cold here in Nashville. Very windy. A friend of mine wants me to a 1/2 marathon with her in March. I don't know if I can run that long at one time. I have very SHORT LEGS. It would be a...
  11. ashumate

    Hard Core Fitness Manicas - Weds - 10/8

    Morning Ladies! I have been MIA - in South Carolina. We are having to find a new facility for my father who has alzheimers and it is very stressful and sad. I haven't been able to work out. This morning I woke up early and rowed on my mother's rowing machine and inserted some intervals of...
  12. ashumate

    Hard Core Fitness Maniac Hotties 9-23-08

    Morning all - I am the first post! day 2 of Debbie's rotation - I am not able to lift to failure because I don't have a rack and today - I can't put on shoes so I was somewhat limited. Here is how I did Legs Squat - 6/6/10/12/12 - BB 65# / 65/60/55/55 Lunge - 6/6/10/12/12 - BB with weighted...
  13. ashumate

    Hardcore Hotties Tues - 9/16/2008

    Morning Ladies Today was total body Squats 40# BB - 16/16 Plie squats 40# BB - 16/16 Lunges 25# DB - 16/16 Step Ups 25# DB 12/12 Push ups - 12/10/8/6 BB Rows 45# 16/16 tricep dips 15/15/ shoulder 21's 10# front / side / rear crazy 8's 12 # Gotta run, out of town the remainder of week
  14. ashumate

    Hardcore Fitness Maniac Hotties

    Morning Ladies! Imagine me the first to post! Today I tried to the new Amy Bento I ordered - Hi Lo Extreme. I must have meant to order extreme kickbox - because I had the type of workout that Hi Lo Extreme is - lot of choreography! So i laced up the running shoes and took it outside. did 4...
  15. ashumate

    Hardcore Fitness Maniacs Sunday August 17, 2008

    Morning Maniacs! Happy Sunday. I am riding our train service to the county fair today. Should be fun. Today, I did the Jackie Warner Boot Camp. Having fun with this. Had to buy wrist supports - it takes about 40 to 50 minutes and I burn about 360 calories. Did this also on Friday...
  16. ashumate

    Hardcore fitness maniacs - Monday July 7, 2008

    Good morning all - imagine me the first post. I have a dropped a % body fat - don't know if it was the WSFL program or being sick or what. Anyway, today I did a new circuit designed to kill me! Pull ups 3 sets of 4 reps (I can do these unassisted!) Push up - 4 sets of 12 reps bench...
  17. ashumate

    Hardcore Fitness Maniac - Tuesday June 17, 2008

    Morning ladies! Imagine me - the first post! I went to the doctor and they gave me a cortisone shot, which is more than likely why I can't sleep. I have been up water the gardent and sneaking around in the dark! Anyway, going to take it easy today so as not to aggrivate my already angry...
  18. ashumate

    Hardcore Fitness Maniacs - Weds. May 28th

    Morning all! I am in Atlanta at a very nice hotel. They have a very small fitness center - so I am going to do the elliptical this morning for 45 minutes. Hope you all have a great day! I forgot my HR monitor so I may or may not be back to post the details.
  19. ashumate

    "hardcore fitness maniacs"

    just thought I would let you all know how much I am enjoying this site / message board - whatever you call it. I have dropped a size since I started "hanging out" with you guys. I am struggling with my head right now though. I really need to get a path going with my job / or not...
  20. ashumate

    Question for Cathe and Crew Members

    Hi Cathe and crew! I am really loving these workouts. I do have a question for you all though. Are these workout rotations the way you get so lean and defined or do you perform more strength training. I have been working out with your DVDs for over a year, and I have slimmed a bit, am...