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  1. jcpolsky

    Song Question

    Rev'd Up Rumble 33 minutes - 35 minutes?
  2. jcpolsky

    Boss Bands on Amazon?

    Will the Boss Bands be available for purchase in Cathe's Amazon store? If so, is there a date?
  3. jcpolsky

    Greatest Hits Volume 2?

    I am about to do this one, and I wanted to ask if you have any intention of Volume 2? If you do, are you going to ask for our favorites? Maybe (if technologically possible) use portions of Live workouts, too? I hope you entertain this suggestion!
  4. jcpolsky

    Is OnDemand down for anyone else

    Live, OnDemand and Workout Blender won't load any videos. Anyone else having this problem? Thanks!
  5. jcpolsky

    Workout for gym?

    Cathe- Have you ever written any kind of workout/sheet that can be done in a gym? I have to go to one when I am at work, and I am finding that I am neglecting my weight training for Spin Class and other types of cardio classes. I would like to find something I can do there for about 45 minutes...
  6. jcpolsky

    Song Question?

    Does anyone know the name of the song about 13 minutes in to "Ready, Set, Step" - Cathe Live? Thanks @Jesse1
  7. jcpolsky

    Cathe at gym???

    Hello- I was just wondering if any of you guys do any Cathe workouts at the gym? Because of my job I am a member of a gym. I find myself doing way more group fitness and way less weight training. Since we have so many great ways to watch Cathe I wanted to find out which videos you guys use, or...
  8. jcpolsky

    Song Question! Attn: Jessie!

    I am looking for the song from Step Moves about 26 minutes in. The beginning of the 3rd combo. Thanks!
  9. jcpolsky

    Fit Tower DVD Question

    Hello Cathletes! I was thinking of purchasing the Fit Tower DVDs, but I have no room for the Tower itself. Does anyone out there use the DVDs with a chair, or is it just not worth it to get the dvd's without the Tower? Thanks in advance!
  10. jcpolsky

    Cathe Live Christmas Eve and New Years Eve?

    Thank you so much for the Ice Workouts. I feel like I'm piling on by asking if there are going to be Cathe Live Workouts on 12/25 and 12/31?
  11. jcpolsky

    Interesting Article
  12. jcpolsky

    Ripped With HiiT Question

    I know that Cathe is going to include a guide with this series similar to X-Train. It was really helpful to have all those rotations available. I'm guessing that the Ripped With HiiT guide will include rotations as well. Would Cathe ever consider including a 5 day rotation instead of only 6 day?
  13. jcpolsky

    Cathe, you have a ton on your plate but,

    would you ever consider updating the STS Cardio rotation found here and here You have released so many fantastic cardio workouts since 2009. I would love...
  14. jcpolsky


    Has anyone heard of this? I guess they are a branch of Just Fab. It seems to be a workout clothing club. You get 50 % off your first outfit and they send you one a month. It appears you can refuse your monthly outfit, too. I was wondering if anyone here has tried it. I was wondering what...
  15. jcpolsky

    STS and Workout Manager

    Does anyone know if it is possible to just put one Mesocycle into workout manager and not the whole 3 1/2 month rotation? Thanks!
  16. jcpolsky

    Any filming this year?

    Hi Cathe- hoped you enjoyed your holidays. I was just wondering if you wanted to share any ideas you have for filming this year. I am really curious what you have up your sleeve for 2014.
  17. jcpolsky

    An Interesting Article

    Hi Cathletes! I came across this article and thought it was really interesting. I was wondering what others thought. Seduced by the Illusion: The Truth About Transformation Photos | Andrew Dixon
  18. jcpolsky


    I was thinking of adding some juice to my diet and would like to try fresh juice. Does anyone here juice? If so what kind of juicer would you recommend? A friend suggested a Breville. I would like one that is easy to clean and does not take up too much counter space. Thanks for any suggestions!
  19. jcpolsky

    Premix question

    Hi all! I wanted to find out if there is a list available of all the Cathe premixes? I usually follow Cathe's rotations, but sometimes I'm just not feeling the one that is listed that day and would maybe like something shorter. I would love to find some kind of list where I could search by...
  20. jcpolsky

    New Rock Bottoms Rotation?

    Hi Cathe - Last year about this time I did the February 2011 Rock Bottoms Rotation and I got some great results. I was wondering if you'd consider re-working this rotation to include the workouts completed in the last two years? Thanks!