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    home ellipticals...

    Hi everyone, well I posted last Oct about what elliptical to buy, and we decided to buy a sole. But I have had 2 major! problems with it: a left pedal that clicks constantly (despite having it replaced twice) and my outer foot pain that exacerbated by using the thing (I also have a neuroma...
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    10 weeks and still SO TIRED!

    Hi everyone, I have been a Cathe fan for about 8 years, but I mostly lurk on the forums. :) I am currently pregnant with my second child, and SO tired still! I know its normal to be tired in the first trimester, but I am earnestly trying to workout and I just get so pooped! Like I need to take...
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    just found out...

    Hi everyone! I just found I am pregnant with my second child. I forget though, is it safe to do abdominal excercises still, I think until the third or fourth month? I want to keep my core strong, last time I had very bad backaches from weak muscles. Thanks in advance!
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    best elliptical?

    We are just starting our search, have heard good things about livestrong brand and sole brand. anyone care to input about the type you have, or have heard good things about? Thanks!