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    Best Cathe workouts for runners?

    Hi Cathe & Forum! Any suggestions on the best Cathe workouts for long distance runners? I'm an intermediate level runner, have run consistently for the past few years, and am trying to up my game to shave time off of my half and full marathon times. I haven't focused on strength training lately...
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    Fit Tower and STS?

    Hi Cathletes! Been a while since I've been here...but I have a question. Can the Fit Tower be used for the STS series? Thanks in advance!!
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    Shoes for new series?

    Hi everyone! I may have missed this thread, but can someone tell me what shoes Cathe and crew are wearing in this series? Particularly in the plyo hit DVD. Tried searching the forums to find the answer but was not successful. Thanks for your help in advance! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Nordic track treadmills?

    Hello! I'm thinking of replacing my current treadmill with the Nordic track commercial 2150 treadmill. Does anyone have this model? If so, what do u think of it? Thanks!!!
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    What is Jai's routine?

    Have to say, Jai looks incredible in CF/TTM and in XTRAIN. I want her abs and legs... And her shoulders. :-) Does anyone know what her eating plan and exercise regimen are? She's incredibly inspiring.
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    Biceps Tendinitis: How Can I Keep Lifting?

    hello cathe and all! i am halfway through STS mesocycle 2 and now have biceps tendinitis! :-( i know that the best thing to do is to REST for 4-6 weeks and not lift, but that is going to be so hard! i don't want to lose the gains that i've made with STS. has anyone else had this? how did you...
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    Looking for a STS check in home...

    hi cathletes! i've started STS (wow! what an awesome workout! i am in love and don't know why i didn't get STS sooner...) and would love to join a check-in group. any groups out there that wouldn't mind an STS neophyte among the ranks? :-) thanks!!
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    More 1RM Test Questions...Am I Overthinking This?

    good evening, cathletes! i keep thinking of all these ?s as i progress thru my 1RM testing. y'all help me out here. :-) 1) what do you do when, for a given exercise, your workout card says that you'll need an uneven number of poundage, like, 13 lbs? do you go with your 12 lb dumbbells, or do...
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    Weight vest recs?

    Hi all! I think I want to get a weight vest since I don't have a squat rack for STS. The reviews of Cathe's vest on her website and on Amazon aren't that great. Amazon has several weight vests but I'd be interested to hear what the Cathletes of the would recommend. Thoughts?? Thx!!!
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    1RM Testing: Am I Doing This Right?

    hi cathletes! i've started my 1RM testing and have a few questions for you more seasonsed STSers out there... 1) i was planning to do all my 1RM testing up there any benefit or reason to do it prior to each mesocycle? (for ex, do all the 1RM testing for mesocycle 1, complete...
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    What size do u consider to be skinny?

    A friend and I have been in a heated debate. She says that a size 2/4 is "really skinny", no matter what, but I think a 2/4 could be a "healthy small", depending on your body type and height. What do u all think? I mean, if I had to guess, cathe is prob a size 0/2 and I don't consider her to be...
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    Decline bench for sts?? How did u do your 1RM?

    Hi all! Is a decline bench necessary for STS? How about slanted risers? Also, how exactly should I do my 1RM testing? Should I warm up, then use my 1RM tests as my w/o for the day? Can I do another DVD (say, Crossfire) then do some 1RM testing? Help! :-) Thx!!!
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    Any Cathletes in SC?

    hi! just curious...any SC cathletes out there? i'm sure i can't be the only one... :-)
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    Step Shox: Worth It?

    hello! i came across Step Shox (shock absorbers for the step) on Amazon today and wanted to know if anyone here has tried these. do they really lessen the impact noticeably? For just $10/pair, i'm tempted to order some...but only if they really do what they say... thoughts? thanks, SC
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    Took the plunge...just ordered STS!! looking for a workout buddy...

    hi everyone! ok, so i've been debating on getting STS for the longest time, and this morning, i finally just broke down and BOUGHT IT! should be here by wednesday (*fingers crossed*)!!!!! i am so excited!!! any other sts first timers out there who would be interested in buddying up for sts...
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    Do i need STS???

    I all! So, I've been thinking of trying STS, I really need it? I've got lots of cathe strength DVDs and I just don't know if it's "worth it" to get STS. My primary fitness goal now is to develop muscle Definition and strength. I'm scaling back my cardio and I've been doing more strength...
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    What equipment is necessary for STS?

    Hi all! I'm considering getting STS but want to know what equipment I ABSOLUTELY need to have for this series. I have a full set of dumb bells, a fully loaded barbell, regular step, high step, resistance bands and loops, gliding discs....I don't have a turbo tower, weighted vest, or ankle...
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    How to design a Cathe rotation?

    Hi Cathe and fans! I'm trying to figure out a rotation to do for the next 4-6 weeks to increase lean muscle mass and achieve that really cut/lean look. (think Jai in Crossfire and TTM). Any ideas on how to structure this rotation? (how much HIIT work vs steady state cardio vs heavy weights vs...
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    Shoes in The new videos??

    Hi Cathe and all! Apologies if this has already been posted, but what are the shoes that you are wearing in the new workouts? I've searched the forums and can't seem to find the info. Thanks and I cannot WAIT to get these workouts!! :-)
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    Help! Clothes and shoes for new videos!

    Aahhh! I'm searching for the thread about the clothes and shoes for the new workouts. Can someone point me in the right direction, or tell me what shoes/clothes cathe and crew are wearing? Thanks a million!!!