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  1. scm

    Question on the six month rotation

    Cathe, I'm going to do the 6 month rotation using the squat rack. I was just reviewing the schedule in my calendar and noticed I should do Disk 1, 2, 3 repeat. Would it defeat the purpose if I were to do Disk 1 through 6 (or higher) and THEN repeat? I'm just excited to try them all, but will...
  2. scm

    Equipment for STS

    Hi Cathe or SNM, I'm gearing up for STS to come out and wanted to know if the tubing with the handles will work the same as the green bands. The dang green ones keep snapping on me, and I'd rather get something sturdier. Just from looking at the blog, I see the green band used for standing kick...
  3. scm

    Bodymax2 Review(s)

    I loved Body Max 2!Firstly, I think the new set is beautiful. It’s much more attractive on the tv than it seems on my computer. The forest with rays of sunshine is so nice to look at. I had no problems whatsoever with any of the chorography. Nearly all the steps were familiar from other...
  4. scm

    Happy Halloween

    I LOVE the Halloween picture! YES, everyone SHOULD be afraid, VERY afraid! HA HA HA! I'm ready to try BM2 right now. Wish me luck!:D Susan C.M.
  5. scm

    Drill Max!!

    WOW! I just watched the video clip. This looks like it's SO much fun!! I love all the exciting jumps with the stability ball.
  6. scm

    forgetting a good friends Birthday

    On my drive home from work, my wandering mind was thinking about my dog, Survior tonight, my friend....around and around go my little thoughts, then it HITS me! Oh my gosh! My friends birthday! I should have remembered! It's the day after my dogs! Do you think I even remembered his? I swear I...
  7. scm

    Upcoming Boxing workout

    Hi Cathe, I know this is really early to ask, but I will anyway, ha ha! When the time comes for your boxing workout, will we need a free standing boxing bag? Susan C.M.
  8. scm

    testing my avatar

    I just put a picture in of myself and seeing if I did this right. Susan C.M.:D
  9. scm

    Yummy, Healthy Snack Bars

    I received a sample of this bar today and thought it was really good! It's healthy before, during and after pregnancy. Even though I had my baby nearly eight months ago, I still ate it. :P Susan C.M.
  10. scm

    do you eat just because it's time?

    I try to have my 5-6 meals a day every two to three hours apart, however, I find that I'm not always hungry for the next "meal". Does this ever happen to you? If so, do you eat something because it's time to or just hold off until you're a little hungry?
  11. scm

    BFFM ?on calories

    I'll be the first to admit math is not my strongest subject, but I'm trying to figure out what calories I should consume according the formula in BFFM. It just doesn’t seem right. Could someone please double check my calculations? Thanks so much. current weight: 93 pounds = 204.6 kg height...
  12. scm

    New Freestyle Book

    There is a new Freestyle book coming out in July! Below is an email received from George Snyder. The first book in this series will be out in July, 2006. Order Your Copy Today! Sells for $24.95, plus $5.00 s/h Still available is the Freestyle Book, LungeMaster, Home Gym and...
  13. scm

    adding a circuit w/o while gaining strength

    Hi Cathe, I'm going to be doing a three month strength gaining rotation. I'm starting with S&H for three weeks, then do GS for another three and then PS. I am also doing cardio and abs throughout the week. So I'm hitting each muscle group twice a week. I wanted to ask, would I ruin my...
  14. scm

    HELP I can't put my baby down

    As some of you may know, I had a baby just over two months ago, and he WILL NOT let me put him down. He always wants to be held. He'll scream his little baby head off, like he's being tortured until I pick him up. I'm at my wits end. I'm in the process of finding a daycare since I'm going...
  15. scm

    Happy Easter!

    I wanted to say Happy Easter everyone. My family and I are heading to Nags Head, NC very early tomorrow morning. I'm hoping the weather is warm. I think we should all have a guilt free chocolate Easter Bunny. hahaha I wish I could have made the Rochester trip. Maybe next time. Susan C.M.:D
  16. scm

    Attn.: Freestylers

    I really don't follow the Freestyle threads, but, is anyone actually certified? George Snyder is offering his books for sale in bulk at a discount. THey are $25 a piece. Also, Tammy Lier and her husband Dani are going to start promoting Freestyle workouts soon. Here are their websites if...
  17. scm

    I know....but didn't want too

    I have said since day one, I did not want to know the sex of the baby until it's born. Since then, I've have the ususal ultrasounds, etc. ALWAYS saying "don't tell me the sex". Well, yesterday when I went to the dr. for my weekly "are you dialiating" visit, she was checking the baby out on her...
  18. scm

    Gadget for TLT workouts

    Check this out. Instead of using plates or rags for the TLT's workouts these work GREAT!! One side is cushioned so your foot is secure and the other side is a vey smooth plastic. Item Number V21784 Set of 8 E-Z Moves II Furniture Slides...
  19. scm


    Do any of you get the hiccups? I've had the hiccups for about three weeks now and they are getting more constant. I did a search and found mostly information on fetal hiccups....but **I** have them. Do you know why? Susan C.M.
  20. scm


    Do any of you get the hiccups? I've had the hiccups for about three weeks now and they are getting more constant. I did a search and found mostly information on fetal hiccups....but **I** have them. Do you know why? Susan C.M.