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    SNM PreMix Chapters Please!

    Can you please let me know which chapters on the downloads correspond to the premixes on the DVDs? I only have the downloads, but Cathe refers to some of the premix chapters (like Yoga Relax Express) in her November rotation. All I know is the length of times of the downloads, because I can...
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    STS Total Body - will it use 1RMs?

    Will the new STS Total Body DVD/Download indicate what % of our 1RMs we should use for each exercise like the regular STS series? I use the Workout Manager to record mine and I like to print out a workout card ahead of time so I know I'm using a pretty good choice of weights. Looking forward...
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    Postal delivery joy!

    In a blinding snowstorm, my order # 983 just arrived by regular US mail! Neither snow, nor sleet.... I live in South Jersey not far from NFL Films' offices. That's probably why it arrived so quickly. Such good luck! Cathe, thanks for putting together a great set of DVD's! Happy...