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  1. LadyLep

    1RM question

    I just completed the 1 rep max for week disc 1. It took me a long time, maybe the better part of an hour. And this is on a lifting day. I printed out my results and see that many are on other discs as well. I’m wondering if I did it for the first 3 disc, would that be all the exercises? I’m...
  2. LadyLep

    Trouble streaming and would like to switch to 6month option

    Hi, my 7 Days Free just ended last night and I have a question: when I’m doing a workout, sometimes the sound is slower than the video and sometimes the video is slower than the sound. Is this what I can expect? I’m watching thru the On Demand app mirroring from my iPad to my tv on WiFi. My...
  3. LadyLep

    Cardio Core Circuit: sub?

    I'm doing the May rotation and I don't have this one. What can I sub for it? I have all the series from Low Impact to Strong and Sweaty, plus TTM, CF and PRS1&2. I have some older ones like HiiT, step Blast, Body Max 2, etc Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. LadyLep

    SAS and Workout Manager: icons not showing up?

    I'm able to choose the workouts, but they aren't showing up when I look at it calendar view. I added CF Less Impact today and I can see it, I can click back to yesterday and see it over on the right hand side but not in the calendar. I hope that makes sense. Does anyone else have this...
  5. LadyLep

    About article: How much cardio do you need?

    So, I didn't read the whole article thoroughly, I will later (need to get in RWH CUB before dinner!) but it says that HiiT is really only needed for 15 min a day a few times a week. Then why are most of the rotations filled with workouts that are long? Ok wondering if 15 min of HiiT either...
  6. LadyLep

    Thinking about getting STS!

    STS is on the daily deal today, all for $120. Is that the best I'll ever see it? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. LadyLep

    Going to order ICE and others, but need advice!

    Ok I'm going to order ICE today and I'm wondering what else I should get, if anything. Here is what I have: Rhythmic step PUB/PLB Step blast/step jump pump Imax2/cardio and wts Timesaver Muscle Max core Max Body max2 GS legs Hardcore Extreme butt and Guts Drill max Low impact circuit 4Day...
  8. LadyLep

    Pre sale question

    So I'm thinking about getting the new DVDs but was wondering if I decide I want to get cathe on demand, will I be able to get my money back if I cancel the DVD order? Does anyone know? Thanks!
  9. LadyLep

    Cathe Live and OnDemand with Xbox?

    Can I get this on my Xbox? It works well on my iMac (but it's in the kitchen and all my workout stuff is in the basement), but I'm not sure how to get it to connect down there. My router is also in the basement very close to the TV, if that helps. Thanks!
  10. LadyLep

    Need subs for Feb rotation Please!

    I was looking for a sub for Boot Camp? I looked at it on shop cathe and it has some upper and lower body in it. So my 4Day Boot Camp w/ or w/o wts won't work. But then I clicked on the "boot camp" section and I do have: Drill Max To the Max Crossfire I also have LIC but it wasn't...
  11. LadyLep

    generic rotation for weight loss?

    Hi! I'm trying to come up with a generic rotation that I can tweak as my time allows. I homeschool my 4 boys: 12, almost 10, 7 and almost 3. I did XTrain 90 undulating last Jan, it took me about 4 months to complete. And I have 25 Cathe workouts plus LIS and XTrain (no Ride, wish I had a...
  12. LadyLep

    Choosing a new workout

    I was thinking about getting either to the max, crossfire or afterburn. I just got xtrain and love it! CAn someone give me some good descriptions (diff. From what's on I really like HiiT, and hard strikes and tabatacise and step and workouts that get it done in a shorter time. :)...
  13. LadyLep

    XTrain guide?

    Hi- I saw on one of the covers or blog that it says there is a 90 and 30 day. Does that mean it has rotations for 90 and 30 days? I'm not sure if this has been completed yet. But I hope to see various options based on time and difficulty. I'd love to see a timesaver rotation where the...
  14. LadyLep

    XTrain equipement question

    I've read on the blog that the following is needed for XTrain: step dumbbells firewalker loop resistence tubing discs chair Is this correct? Also the reviews I read on the firewalker loop was not good. Something about cancerous materials and it breaks easily? What experience do you...
  15. LadyLep

    XTrain length question

    I seem to remember reading somewhere that all these DVDs might be on the shorter side? Meaning no more than an hour? I'm interested but length is an issue as I have 4 boys ages 1-11 and homeschool so I am limited on time. I also wonder how effective it could be if I were to split the workouts...
  16. LadyLep

    Making changes to the March rotation in WM

    If I make changes to the March rotation in WM, check the box that says "place in my calendar" and save and exit, will it change it for everyone or just me? Or not save at all and I lose all my changes? Thanks, LadyLep
  17. LadyLep

    Help me choose DVDs today, please!

    Hi! I finally see one of my DVDs that is on the daily deal and worth it. (Yesterday did have one, but it was only $2 off today a different one $5 off.) OK, here's what I have: Body Max 2 HiiT Travel Fit Muscle Endurance (from Fit TV) Kick, Punch, Crunch (from Fit TV) Legs and Glutes...
  18. LadyLep

    WB only able to do workouts from computer?

    I have Snow Leopard for my iMac and see that there are issues so I'm not going to d/l but I had some questions for when the bugs are worked out. How does this work? I saw something about WB on my Imax 2 DVD and briefly checked it out but wasn't impressed. Is this only for making premixes on...
  19. LadyLep

    how to create a rotation

    Hi- I have several Cathe dvds and would like to create a rotation. I will list what I have to get ideas, but I would like general ideas of the best way to arrange my workouts rather that "just what I'm in the mood for that day". Here is what I have: HiiT Drill Max Body Max 2 Step...
  20. LadyLep

    items in my cart: need high step?

    Hi- I've recently had my 4th boy (8 weeks ago) and have a lot of weight to lose, but was doing Cathe DVDs for 6 month before conceiving. (Still trying to work up to doing her workouts...starting with Wii Active and the Firm) Here is what I have: DVDs: Body Max 2 Imax 2/Cardio and...