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  1. kblover

    thyroid lobectomy

    Hey all I had a thyroid lobectomy on the 24th. Has anyone else had this? If so, how long was it before you were able to exercise? Cheryl
  2. kblover

    Motivation Needed!!!

    Hey all, I need some help. My list of excuses for why I can't workout is growing instead of shrinking... - I'm getting married and have no time - I have no room in my apt - I'm too tired - I can't afford a gym membership I'm sure I can think of more as well, but you get the idea...
  3. kblover

    2011 Goals!!

    Hey all, This year I really want to follow through on all those goals that I put in the 'someday' category. I would also like to add some fun and exciting goals but I'm having some trouble coming up with them, so I wanted to hear what you are all well as any kinds of rewards you...
  4. kblover

    After Dinner Munchies

    Just trying to get some ideas... What do you do when you get the after dinner munchies??? It's not due to hunger either...just habit...which seems to turn into hunger...I need some combat training so I can fight them off...HELP! :) Cheryl
  5. kblover

    Interstitial Cystitis/Painful Bladder Syndrome

    Hey all! I was just wondering if any of you out there suffer from Interstitial Cystitis/Painful Bladder Syndrome? My sister has it and is trying to find out ways to relieve the pain. She has already cut a lot of known foods (that cause flare ups) out of her diet, but still has pain and...
  6. kblover

    BFFM Summer Challenge

    Hi all, I was thinking about doing the Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle summer challenge and I wanted to know if anyone had done this before and what your outcome was. I also wanted to know if anyone did this using Cathe's DVDs. Please let me know cause sign up starts next week...
  7. kblover

    Question for Runners

    Hey guys, I'm just starting running and actually did my first race of the year today - The Martian Marathon (but just did the 10K). anyway, I'm really bothered by the look of my legs and want to lose weight there as well as tone up. I wanted to know if weights will help me with my...
  8. kblover

    Long and Lean Pls!

    Hey all, I'm looking for a rotation to give me some long/lean leg muscles. I tend to 'bulk up' on the lower half pretty easily. I'm especially looking to strengthen my inner thighs, cause my doc told me that my knee problems are due to weak inner thighs, despite the fact that I work them...
  9. kblover

    Depression and Friends

    Hey All, Just wanted to talk. I have been in a depression for the past couple of weeks and while I have been exercising, I haven't been eating well, so my weight increased, which only helped to heighten my depression. I think it came from a mixture of things...guy troubles (which I posted...
  10. kblover

    stood up

    hey all i just needed to get this off my chest. today, i was supposed to have a date with a guy who I've gone out with two times previously. why i even agreed can only be chalked up to insecurity and desperation. why? cause both times previously, he texted me (he has ever only sent me...
  11. kblover

    Blog Change

    Hey all, for any of you who were following me, to help keep me accountable, I will be changing my blog...why? well, there are some people who currently have access to it that I don't want to have access to it, via my other blog. so, as soon as I make my new blog, I'll repost my stats there...
  12. kblover

    Going Public

    Well, I'm finally doing it. I'm committing to getting fit and I'm making all of you my witnesses. While I am not overweight, I am not happy with my weight/body. I am an instructor of a fitness class, but try to cover up as much of my body as possible so no one 'sees' me. This is contrary to...
  13. kblover

    Snack Suggestions Needed Pls!

    Hi all, I need some help. I am going to a training to get certified to teach a program called 'Body Combat' (see for more info). The training is 3 days for 8 hours each day. I need to bring some food with me. Something that is light enough so I won't get a cramp in my...
  14. kblover

    Canton, MI

    Hey all! unlike all of you who are able to stay accountable over the computer, I need someone nearby. Soooo....I was wondering if any of you live in or near Canton MI and would be interested in setting up some kind of accountability group. If so, please let me know! Thanks! Cheryl
  15. kblover

    Intensity w/out shipping

    Hi all, I heard that I could purchase the intensity workout w/out having to pay shipping if I purchase it through someone signed up at beachbody (I'm not sure what you guys are called...sorry). If anyone can help me, please let me know. Thanks Cheryl
  16. kblover

    Figure Competitions

    Hi All, I decided I needed to create a goal for myself that is exciting and a little scary, so I thought I'd train for a figure competition. I contacted a coach and as soon as I received a response, I got EXTREMELY nervous. Suddenly, all I could think about was "what if I fail??" I don't...
  17. kblover

    Protein Powder??

    Can anyone recommend a good protein powder for women? I'm looking for something that is economical but still half way decent tasting (lol). I can't use a blender right now due to the kitchen being under construction...meaning blender is lost (haha), so it would have to be something that I...
  18. kblover

    Post Lasik Advice needed

    Hey all, I have a quick question. I just had lasik surgery yesterday (6/20) and I was wondering if any of you have had it and how long you waited before you started exercising again. My instructions say to wait 4 weeks, but that has to be for more extreme stuff (I hope). Please let me...
  19. kblover

    Going to get her wings

    Hi all, I just wanted to write about a friend of mine. her name is Jen. She comes to my cardio kickboxing class every week, full of smiles and enthusiasm. With her short, round body and plain looks, she is far from gaining society's title of "beauty". Although the world will not allow...
  20. kblover

    Baby Shower Game/Prize Ideas????

    Hey all, My sis, sis-in-law, and I are all throwing a shower for my other sis-in-law. It is her first baby and the theme is winnie-the-pooh. We have the decorations, food, and location...we are just missing games and prizes. If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them. The...