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  1. ashumate

    Hardcore Check in New Years Eve 2009

    Morning Ladies - Yesterday was legs and back and boy is my back sore! Today I did STS cardio MMA kick box and was a bit disappointed. It was not that intense of workout and my HR did not get very high. I really like the HIIT - but my poor feet can't take that every day! Hope you all have a...
  2. ashumate

    Hardcore Fitness Maniac Hotties for 12/29

    Hello Ladies! Debbie, good luck with the mamogram. I have mine next week. I don't find it too anoying, they usually have me in and out of there quite quickly. I hear ya with those plyos! I just got the shock cardio from Cathe and have done all three of the HIIT workouts. I did one on...
  3. ashumate

    Hardcore check in November 16,2009 Monday

    Linda - prayers for your DAD. Hope all goes well. Debbie, the salmon patties should be fine in the fridge. I would warm up in a non-stick skillet - to keep the outside crisp - the microwave sometimes makes things chewy.
  4. ashumate


    Lora - can you provide a link to that workout you are referring to?
  5. ashumate

    Hardcore Fitness Maniacs Wed 10-14

    Morning ladies - all that talk yesterday made me dig out my Ripped 1000 workout. I did the entire thing. I have no idea how many calories I burned because I hate my HRM. My hr did get up there though. I used very low weights and tried to make it a cardio workout. Take care and have a great...
  6. ashumate


    Morning Ladies! How is everyone? I just got back from a long weekend on the Gulf in Destin. Water was awesome and weather was great! when we got home, we discovered our water heater had been leaking over the entire time. I had to go to the gym and workout and showered there for work. I...
  7. ashumate


    did cardio as well. I walked on the incline TM and did light handweights the entire time. HR got up to 150 - not to bad for walking. I was dripping sweat. I sweat like a fountain. I had a hard time cooling down. I may be having hot flashes!!! OH NO!!!
  8. ashumate


    Morning Ladies - how is everyone! Today I did an oldie - high step challenge. It was a great workoutand challenged me and I feel like I burned max calories. I remember the first time I did that workout and I was amazed Cathe could speak during it. Have a great day everyone.
  9. ashumate

    Hardcore Fitness Maniacs Aug 14

    Hello everyone! Happy Friday! Great workouts everyone. Lora, I hope you get over your head ache and have a great time at the show! I had a good workout today. I did upper body blitz: incline DB chest press: 25s 2x8, 20s 1x10, 15s 1x15 flat bench flys DB: 20s 2x8, 15s 1x10, 10s 1x15 body...
  10. ashumate

    Hardcore Fitness Maniacs Aug 13

    Morning Maniacs! yesterday I did HIIT on the treadmill. the work sessions were 1 minute and I ran between 8 and 9 MPH. Recovery bouts were 2 to 3 minutes. My HR got over 200 for one of the intervals! I no longer keep track of calories because I had that mio watch so I am using my old...
  11. ashumate

    HArdcore Check in August 11,2009 Tuesday

    Hello all - sorry I have been MIA! Diane Sue and Linda - I haven't been sleeping well either. Must be something with the universe, huh? I have been lifting heavy the last two weeks and have been doing quite good! I have dropped 5 lbs and think it is mostly fat! I began working at a...
  12. ashumate

    Hardcore Fitness Maniac Hotties for 7/21

    Debbie - that is one of my all time favorites. I really like power hour too, and Muscle endurance. those are all my favorite total body workouts. I did PUB today and did ok - considering I have been sick and busy! I added some pull ups and then walked on incline treadmill for 15 minutes...
  13. ashumate


    Morning Ladies! How is everyone. Today I did upper body. Triceps station dips 3 x 10 triceps band press downs 3 x 10 biceps curl on bosu 12# 3 x 10 concentration curls 10# 3/10 lateral raises 3x10 upright row 3x10 push ups 1/12/10 that was it for today. Yesterday I did ply legs and really...
  14. ashumate

    Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for Monday July 6

    That is a cool idea. Then you can watch what you want on TV. I may check that out! Thanks for the idea.
  15. ashumate

    Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for Monday July 6

    Lora and Linda - hello! I have been MIA. I have been really sick and not working out much. Linda - great workout. When did you get STS? I did not purchase. It seemed so expensive. Let me know if you believe it is worth the investment. Lora - hope you feel better! I am so sorry to hear...
  16. ashumate

    Hardcore Check in June 18,2009 Thursday

    Morning ladies! Today I did lower body blast again. stationary lunges - 5 sets 10 reps 15DB walking lunges - 3 sets 10 each leg - 15 db stability ball curl - 3 sets to failure squats - 25dbs 5 sets 10 reps leg ext-35# 3 sets 10 reps lying leg cur 35# - 5 sets 8 resps jump squats and lunges on...
  17. ashumate

    Hardcore Fitness Maniac Hotties for 6/16

    Morning peeps! I have been MIA a bit. Been very busy. Hope you all are doing well. Today I did an upper body blizt from and M&F Hers mag - chest press 8/8/10/15 - 10s/10s/8s/8s chest flye 8/8/10/15 - 10s/10s/8s/8s shoulder press 8/8/10/15 - 10s/10s/8s/8s lateral raise 8/8/10/15...
  18. ashumate

    Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for 6/9

    Debbie - I like the kick box off of 4DS - however, the warm up really long. I usually do the entire thing, then repeat the workout minus the warm up.
  19. ashumate

    Hardcore check in June 3,2009

    Linda, I would take the shoes back. They sound dangerous!
  20. ashumate

    Hardcore Fitness Maniac Hotties for 6/1

    Morning Ladies! I have MIA - very busy! Today I did a short kickbox workout and then jogged for 15 minutes for a total of 45 minutes of cardio. Linda - I like the workout you are doing. Maybe you could copy and send to me and Janey! Debbie, we had the cool damp weather here in Nashville -...