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  1. cammie-cam

    TapOut XT

    I bought it and sold it to another VFer. I just wasn't feeling the workouts or the instructor.
  2. cammie-cam

    SNM, Will the Turbo Tower Be Available?

    I have one that I would be willing to sell but I wouldn't be able to ship. I'm in NYC so if you want to pick up just send me a message. I hope that's ok to do here, offer one for sale. If its not please just delete. :)
  3. cammie-cam

    SNM - Pls don't cancel my reservation!

    Thanks to Nancy! She was able to save my reservation! So happy I'm still able to attend!
  4. cammie-cam

    SNM - Pls don't cancel my reservation!

    I thought I was going to have to cancel my res for the NJ Road Trip, and sent an email this weekend to customer service. But after making a few phone calls and begging and pleading with some people, I was able to move some things around and I CAN attend the RT after all. I sent ANOTHER email to...
  5. cammie-cam

    March 2012 Rotation

    I love this! Cathe is making me want to dump my current rotation and do this one instead. I love that it's so straightforward AND starts with my favorite Cathe workout!
  6. cammie-cam

    Meal Planning

    I usually plan my meals mostly because I bring my lunch to work so I need to prepare something that can keep in the refrigerator and microwave well at work. This keeps me from "winging it" which can lead to me eating something that's not a good choice.
  7. cammie-cam

    STS first time!

    You guys (girls!) are moving right along I see... mfv3 - Usually if you order something with a preorder, if it's in stock they'll send it right away. I got my firewalkers months before the LIS series came out because I ordered them at the same time. I still want to know what you think of...
  8. cammie-cam

    Weider X-Factor: ST

    It was 30 at Walmart. I believe you can get it for that price on the website as well. It was on the endcap of the aisle with a $40 price sticker on it, but when I scanned it it was 30. It comes with those perfect pushup type things, but I just used my Turbo Tower for the pushup segments. I...
  9. cammie-cam

    Weider X-Factor: ST

    I bought this one today at Walmart after seeing the thread on VF and seeing that it was on sale. I previewed a few and from what i can tell the workouts do get progressively more challenging and there are different moves or a more difficult version of a move as the weeks progress. I think...
  10. cammie-cam

    Did I reach left or right

    It's a bite sized piece... so I'd imagine it would be totally fine to have and ENJOY!
  11. cammie-cam

    Discs smaller?

    Mine hit each other as well mostly during the jacks and mountain climbers. I just figured they were big so men could use them too?
  12. cammie-cam

    WW Forum?

    I've been on WW since 11/2010. As far as I know there isn't any way to do that with the eTools. I know some people double track, in eTools and another web based calorie counter like fitday or something like that, but that's a bit much for me. ETA: Nichole, we posted at the same time. :)
  13. cammie-cam

    How Often do you get on the scale?

    Weekly. I've lost 66 pounds since November 2010 and am determined to keep it off finally finally this time. LIke FINALLY. So I weigh myself weekly so I know I'm doing what I need to be doing, and adjust accordingly if I'm not. I also have 20 more pound to lose. I've been at this weight in...
  14. cammie-cam

    STS first time!

    I'm still here... just lurking even though I should be doing some reading for this class. Jean - I will more than likely do the 3 month rotation the next time around. I also think I'll do those dang 1RM's too. It just seemed like such a daunting thing though, but I can see how it makes...
  15. cammie-cam

    Turbo Barre or Lower Body Blast?

    These are two of my fav Cathe Lower Body workouts. LBB does have a short Barre segment, but it's not in the workout, you have to select it from the menu. I can't remember if it's in any of the premixes because I usually do the entire workout. Many say if you have B&G you don't need LBB. Even...
  16. cammie-cam

    STS first time!

    Sherry - I gained three pounds my first week of STS and I am pretty sure that was water weight because my eating was very good. Cathe did say that it does happen with STS and with heavy lifting in general which is why I decided to give it a second week. But I still feel a bit... swollen I...
  17. cammie-cam

    STS first time!

    I feel like I'm on this board every day, so I'll be sure to come in and post. I like reading the old threads and even the new ones, to see what everyone is doing from day to day. Plus I like that Cathe comes in and answers questions. She gave one woman yesterday really lengthy advice about...
  18. cammie-cam

    STS first time!

    Hello everyone! I think I'm going to put STS on the shelf for a while and revisit it later.. I miss doing other workouts! Is that weird? And I know I can do others with STS which is great but some of my favorites I didn't want to do because they are circuits or incorporate heavy weights...
  19. cammie-cam

    STS first time!

    I've so been neglecting my abs and I think that's part of the reason I have such a hard time doing pushups. Arm strength is important but so is the core and I'm lacking in that area. I remember years ago when I did a P90X rotation and was faithfully doing Ab Ripper X on the scheduled days not...
  20. cammie-cam

    Happy Valentine's Day Fit ones

    The good thing about not having a Valentine is that the eating stays on track for the day. :) Intensity Hiit Low (twice cause I love it that much!) then STS Disc 2. Happy Valentine's Day lovelies!