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  1. mrsmel

    Workout Blender work outs not updating on Roku

    I've created/edited several works out in the Workout Blender. But they're not showing up in the app through my Roku on in the app on my iPhone. Is there a setting or something I need to change in order to trigger the updates? Thanks. Anne
  2. mrsmel

    FTA Legs, Glutes, & Core Premix error on OnDemand

    Hi, I signed up for OnDemand recently and I am just loving it! However, I found a small error today. I did Basic Premix #1 from Fit Tower Advanced Legs, Glutes, and Core, "Legs and Glutes with Bonus Abs: Replaces All Core Exercises with Bonus Abs." Chapter 6 of the Bonus Abs (Elbow to Knew...
  3. mrsmel

    Logging OnDemand and Live work outs

    I finally got OnDemand and Live. And I love them! But I'm wondering how to log those work outs in the Workout Manager. Is there a way to do it other than creating the work out? It's so easy to log a DVD, I'm just wondering if anyone knows a quick and easy way to log streaming work outs, too...
  4. mrsmel

    Cathe Live work outs in the workout manager

    Hi, I just subscribed to Cathe Live and I'm wondering if it's possible to log those work outs on the calendar in the Workout Manager. I can do it by creating a work out, but I'm wondering if those sessions are posted there in the same way the DVDs are. Thanks! Anne
  5. mrsmel

    Power Sculpt Series with Stacie Clark

    Has anyone tried the Power Sculpt Series with Stacie Clark? I think it's pretty new, but I'm not sure. It looks interesting, but the work outs are pretty short, so I'm not sure how effective they would be for someone who is used to doing Cathe level weight training. If anyone has an opinion...
  6. mrsmel

    <--Her Name was Lola

    <--is a dancer <--loves to tap <--both Broadway (think Gene Kelly) and rhythm (think Gregory Hines) <--has class tonight! <--is uber excited about that <--wants to know what everyone else loves anne
  7. mrsmel

    Anyone have this hair brush?

    I have curly hair that I now wear straight, so I'm on the lookout for products that will help me with that. I found this on but it's not reviewed yet. Does anybody here have one? Does it work? Do you like it? Why or why not? Or, if...
  8. mrsmel

    Fat Talk Free Week

    I can't believe I missed this. Did anybody here participate? anne
  9. mrsmel

    My parents have been married for 50 years!

    Which I find amazing. I don't know how people stay married for the long haul. We had a lovely get together for them, which they both enjoyed very much. Several years ago now (like more than 10) I asked my mom how she and my dad managed to stay together so long. Her response? "Inertia." Yeah...
  10. mrsmel

    I'm getting a dog! Yes, she's a big girl, but I'm very excited. She was totally neglected the first 4 months of her life, so she needs some work, but that's okay. I'm not a huge dog person, but DH has been campaigning for some time and when I found this girl's photo on the...
  11. mrsmel

    Tria hair removal system

    Does anyone have this? I've been wanting IHL hair removal for some time, but the in office procedure is quite costly. This looks like it might work. It's pricey, but less than the office visits. I'm intrigued. anne
  12. mrsmel

    <--was a dancer

    <--'s name is not Lola <--wonders if any other AOLers like The Kinks? <--thinks they're faboo <--is a dancer <--has tap class tonight, which makes <--happy <--wishes all in Catheland happy friday! anne
  13. mrsmel

    The Joffrey Ballet

    Has anyone here been to the Joffrey Ballet in Chicago? I LOVE ballet and live about 4 hours from Chicago. I haven't been there in a couple of years and would like to go again. I'm thinking I would plan a long weekend around a trip to see this dance troupe. But, I don't understand their program...
  14. mrsmel

    What is the MET value?

    When I add a work out to the calendar one of the things that fills in is the MET value. Does anyone know what that is? Thanks. anne
  15. mrsmel

    My steel cut oats exploded!

    So, I've been wanting to try steel cut oatmeal, but do not have the time/patience/inclination to make them myself, even in the crock pot. I found the frozen ones at Trader Joe's this weekend and decided to try them that way. I brought a serving to work this morning and put in the micro for 2...
  16. mrsmel

    40th birthday present

    Hey, all, a good friend of mine turned 40 this week and I'm seeing her next week to celebrate. I'm totally stumped on what to give her for a gift. She's one of those people who always gives me very thoughtful, considerate gifts and I'm just terrible at it! She loves yoga, dogs, and writing...
  17. mrsmel

    Good beach reads

    Hi, all, I'm going on vacation to the beach in Mexico at the end of January/beginning of February. I need to take several books along, I usually run through about 6-10 on a weeklong trip. We're going snorkeling and to see ruins, but other than that the point of this trip is to relax and do...
  18. mrsmel

    Need a new bathing suit (or two)

    So, my 8 year old bathing suit just doesn't fit right any more. I'm about the same size, but I guess things have shifted. Or it's stretched out. Or something, I don't know, but I need a new one and would like recommendations on where to shop for it. In fact, I'll probably buy 2 because we're...
  19. mrsmel

    Does anyone have the Body Blast Timesaver DVD?

    If so, how do you like it? I've been an intermittent exerciser at best for the last couple of months, so I bought the Timesaver DVD with the discount I received for buying the 2009 calendar. I've been wanting it for a while and it seems like just the right thing to get back into the habit of...
  20. mrsmel

    Good thoughts for my FIL, please

    Hi, everybody, I don't post a lot, but I would really appreciate good thoughts/vibes/prayers, whatever your preference is, for my dear, sweet father-in-law. He is in the hospital being treated for renal failure. They don't know what else is wrong yet. He's 94, so he's not young, but he's a...