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  1. NHoffman13

    Can you drink Whey protein while pregant

    Can you drink Whey protein while pregnant Hi there, I love my whey protein especially after I work out. I was wondering if you can drink whey protein while you are pregnant. The whey protein I have now (Cellucor) Says do not take of pregnant or breastfeeding. I was wondering if I got an all...
  2. NHoffman13

    pain with plyo jacks

    I am 3 months post partum and I am still having pain in my groin and inner thighs with plyo jacks or any intense exercise that involves using my inner thigh and groin muscles. Anyone else have this problem and how long did it last. Thanks!!
  3. NHoffman13

    Insanity workout

    Hey there! So I just had a baby almost 3 months ago. I am back to working out with Cathe, on my way to getting my pre-pregnancy body back! But while I was pregnancy my husband gained some weight. he stays home with our son 3 days a week for 13 hours a day while I am at work then works 2-3 days...
  4. NHoffman13

    Spin bike on Groupon!!

    Hey Ladies Groupon is having a GREAT deal on a Stamina spin bike. I caught this deal a few months ago and I LOVE this spin bike!!! Check it out its such a great deal!! :eek::eek: Stamina Indoor Exercise Bike Deal of the Day | Groupon Amarillo
  5. NHoffman13

    LIS and STS Rotation???

    Has anyone thought of or made up a LIS and STS rotation??? I am 9 months pregnant and very eager to get back into my pre-pregnancy workout routine and I was thinking of possibly doing a LIS and STS rotation after I get the ok from my OBGYN. Thanks!! :D
  6. NHoffman13

    Spinning DVD suggestions??

    So now that I have this new spinning bike, and I am anxiously waiting for Cathe's spinning dvd I was curious if anyone can recommend any other spinning dvds they like that may be similar to Cathe's style as far as music and teaching??? I have also thought about making up some of my own routines...
  7. NHoffman13

    Will we ever see Cathe's abs again?

    Hey Cathe, So I have noticed the past few dvd's sets you've put out your always wearing a workout top instead of a sports bra. Will we ever see your abs again?? I'm so inspired and motivated by you and and the girls in your dvd's, including your abs! Nicole
  8. NHoffman13

    OMG my face!!!

    So I am 22 weeks pregnant, 29 years old and my face is breaking out like I'm going through puberty!!!!! I have never had skin like this before and its driving me crazy!!! Anyone else have this acne problem with their pregnancy?? And what do/did you do about it? I wash my face 2 sometimes 3 times...
  9. NHoffman13

    Pregnancy DVD's

    Hello Ladies!!! I am 7 weeks along, 1st pregnancy!!! YAY very excited!! Feeling pretty good except the occational morning sickness. I am a long time Cathe fan and I LOVE her dvd's. What dvd's of Cathe's would you recommend doing during the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd trimester. And what non-Cathe...
  10. NHoffman13

    Feb 2011 HOLY 300 walking lunges!!!!!

    So I started the Feb 2011 rotation a week ago and I could not believe how incredibly sore I was from the 300 walking lunges!!!! I could barely walk for 2 days!!!!! Anyone feel that way?? Maybe I needed to stretch more afterwards or soak in the bath. I'm going to attempt them again this...
  11. NHoffman13

    I got to meet Jamie Eason!!!

    So I was on my way to Las Vegas and we had a lay over in the Houston airport and who do I see, Fitness Model Jamie Eason!!!! I have her oxygen cover hanging up in my workout room!!! It took me about 15 min to work up the courage to go talk to her and I was so nervous and shaking the whole time...
  12. NHoffman13

    SO What's Next??

    I know I know....You just got done with STS but I was wondering if you have anything else in the works??? Any ideas for new DVDs??? I'm sure that many will agree we all love your DVDs and we all look forward to new workouts!!! Just curious!! THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK CATHE!!! YOU ROCK...
  13. NHoffman13

    Chest workouts with breast implants

    As a graduation present to myself I got breast implants this past July. I've heard that you cannot do any chest exercises with implants and I was wondering if anyone knew anything more on this topic. I asked my doctor and he said that if I build muscle on top of my implant it will cause my...