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    Are the Presale workouts being filmed? How is it going?

    I'm curious to hear what's been done, and how the various workouts have turned out. Thanks for any information - Leela
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    Kick punch and crunch. I LOVE THE MUSIC (finally did it)

    Love the Jurassic park music for abs (and menu). LOVE "I wanna rock" ... I love driving rock and roll (with words) for working out with weights, or kickboxing. I LOVE THIS WORKOUT!!!!!!! I can't believe i've owned it since it came out, and never did it. It's just incredible. My absolute...
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    Maybe you should have a Praise Cathe forum :-)

    Cathe, I came here after not having been here a while (busy at work!, and I don't surf at home - need that time to spend it with the kids, and to get in a decent workout). I am STUNNED once again with how much you *give* your fans. It's not enough that you put out these really incredible...
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    Oh my goodness - Bootcamp...

    Cathe just yelled out asking "Are you working at home?" and sadly, I am. Working. Geeking out. Being Ms. Director of ENgineering, and getting work done. While previewing Bootcamp. What an incredibly well produced workout this is. The music is SO inspiring and so are all the exercisers. This...
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    I want my INTENSITY SERIES!! (Not a complaint)

    Just so eager! I saw the Imax2 video clip and I'm drooling. This from a woman who no longer does videos very often because it's actually more convenient for me to hit the gym. But this will change - my daughters are getting older :-) And there's always saturday and sunday!! I am so...
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    Announcing the birth of

    Kalina Maria McNeil!! 8/10 (37 wks 1d) - made it in time... easy and fast (only 5lbs 1 oz)!! more soon (nursing at keyboard!) Leela
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    Sue (Shammy902) - I need your advice/wisdom (others feel free to post too!)

    I am feeling really great these days at 19 wks pregnant. I am really eager to kick myself back into the workout mode - but now that i've been OUT of commission for so long (I was told to NOT exercise my first trimester because of a previous miscarriage, and while I thought that was extreme, my...
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    Exercising during post-miscarriage pregnancy

    Hi - I miscarried in July, and i'm pregnant again (shhh. Its a secret :-) ) and expecting in late august. Of course - i've had such crummy luck this year (2 very early losses - pos preg test for 2 days, then kaput, and then my miscarriage at 7 weeks) that i'm seriously paranoid about this...
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    Thanks for NOT making it "easy"

    Cathe, So many sources that i've read over the last 2.5 years regarding pregnancy and post partum have implied that you can get your body back with some pretty basic stuff (20 minutes cardio a day - etc.). I just recently saw at the drs office, some ridiculous snippet about Cindi Crawford and...
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    Started CTX!

    You may all remember my posting a sort of fearful post about doing CTX. I used to be in really good shape, but after the pregnancy, the baby and then the slump .. well.. Anyway , i'm pleased to say that i'm up to the CTX challenge (so far) . I've done 10-10-10, Step Intervals and Kickbox and...
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    Cathe - will I ever be able to keep up with the intensity (m)

    Cathe - As you may remember from my previous postings, i've been complaining about my loss of fitness, gaining of fat for almost 2 years now . My daughter is 20 mos, and while i'm actually down a 10 of the 25 lbs I wanted to lose (although I don't really base weight loss on numbers...), my...
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    Cathe? Didyou do kickboxing workouts while pregnant?

    Cathe - I'm pregnant with #2, and in addition to doing your awesome step and strength tapes, I also like to do GI Jabb Kickboxing tapes (but i'm sure i'll love your kb tape the best ). I know that pregnancy causes "elastin" (??) to be produced, which aids in loosening the joints so that...
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    Weightloss and breastfeeding.

    Ways to continue BFing Hi - My daughter became difficult to feed after around 3-4 months. this was doubly heightened by the fact that she was sick for her first 3 weeks of life and neede Oxygen. While in the hospital, they gave her formula in a bottle (during the times that I couldn't be...