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    Baby Eric Update

    Eric is SO adorable! And I'm so glad that your jog stroller is coming in handy. Aren't they lifesavers (and sanity savers, too )? He IS a big boy! Are you sure whether your muscle definition is due to working out with weights or lifting Eric?! Probably a combination of both! Thanks for...
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    Favorite moves for the Cathe Trip!

    Ooh, tough decisions! It would be a much shorter list if you asked us to name the moves you DIDN'T want us to include! Since I'm a DVDer, I haven't seen any of the new stuff yet. So, I'll put in my vote for the rock horse, shoot over, triple step combo. Oh, and I absolutely LOVE the...
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    Check in 9/3/2000

    The race The course is a killer! I didn't make my time goal, which for that particular course was to beat 60 minutes, but I did finish! I was seriously doubting whether I would or not at about mile 4! LOL! I finished in 62 1/2 minutes--not bad, I guess, for a rollercoaster course like that...
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    What is up with this??

    Hi Cindy! I definitely remember you! How are you doing? Congratulations on your pregnancy! Who is your doctor? I worked in L&D at Piedmont for years. Both of my kids were born there, too. It's a great place to have a baby. Good to see you again! Kristin
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    Check in 9/3/2000

    I'm a DVD holdout <center><font size="1" color="#ff0000">LAST EDITED ON Sep-03-00 AT 10:07AM (EST)</font></center> Honeybunch and Aimee, I'm so envious! I did the PS series as a consolation. And Aimee, I can definitely relate to the nighttime ice-cream indulgences! Ice cream is my main...
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    Going on the Pill, need reassurance!!

    Happy P-Day, Susan! :-) I guess we're on the same schedule--I just started my new pack today, too! Ya think we can remind each other? I was on the Pill years ago before my first pregnancy. I went back on it about a year ago after a 7-year hiatus because of changes in my cycle--mainly...
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    DVD shipping

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I've been salivating ever since the reports of the videos started coming out! The DVDs will definitely be worth the wait. I wonder how many people are going to use the new DVDs as an excuse to buy a player? Thanks for all your hard work. It is really...
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    What is up with this??

    Hi Lisa! You're just up the road from me! I'm in Duluth. What a small world! Kristin
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    What is up with this??

    Ahhh, THAT explains it! ;-) My husband listens to 99X all the time. I'm not surprised that's where you heard it! Northside has an excellent women's center. I'm sure you'll have a wonderful experience. Best of luck! Kristin
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    Can I do all Xpress series in one day

    Hi Leela I know we've talked before about being the same age, but I can't remember if I've ever asked you when your birthday is. I'm turning 35 (or better phrased, I'll be 34 until) December 5th. I'm scared to death of these midlife changes I've been reading so much about! I absolutely...
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    What is up with this??

    Hi Jen! Yikes! What radio station did you hear that on? I just hate that--anything for ratings! Just remember how many babies are born in Atlanta every day, and how many stories you actually hear about "unusual" births. Most people's births are relatively uneventful, at least by an...
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    For Sheila or anyone

    I've had both And I would definitely go through labor if I had the choice. My son was delivered by C-section seven years ago because he was a breech presentation. My doctor attempted an external version (to turn him to a vertex presentation) when I was 37 weeks pregnant, and my son being...
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    Videos have arrived!

    I'll commiserate with you, Debbie Waiting patiently has never been one of my virtues, especially when I'll be reading about the workouts from the people who have theirs on VHS! I could probably treat this test of patience as a life lesson... Kristin
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    Powermax is tons of fun! IMO, Powermax is less intense than both MIC and Interval Max, but so is just about every other cardio workout on video! I'd say it's close to the level of Step Fit in intensity. The pace is slower than some of Cathe's newer videos, so you can really put your all into...
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    Need suggestions.

    There may be no single right answer for you First, realize (like it took me so long to do) that there will be no single perfect answer. There are pros and cons to having a second child. Whatever you decide, do it for the right reasons. Guilt over having "just one" shouldn't be a reason for...
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    Did Anybody Order Tapes AND DVDs???

    Kathy, I need to come shopping with you! You'd really help me find the bargains! I know I don't live that far away from you! Kristin
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    All Step on Cathe TV tomorrow -7-29

    Thanks for the breakdown! They all look great! I can't wait for them to be released!
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    When do you let older video's go? What do you do with your old tapes?

    I trade them, or they collect dust 20 videos! I wouldn't worry about that at all! At last count (and I'm afraid to count now), I had about 150 . I don't even want to venture a guess as to how many I have now. I'm just glad that Cathe has started to come out with DVDs or I'd have absolutely...
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    Wavering....time running out.....what should I do?.....

    Kay, you KNOW you're gonna give in Restraint? What's THAT?!!! Here's why you should get them: 1.) You will easily be able to trade them if they turn out not to be your cup of tea. 2.) You will kick yourself for not getting them when the reviews start pouring in. 3.) I'm sure you have an...
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    Hi Everyone!

    I remember you from the forum and the road trip! :-) I was the one wearing the workout clothes and the Rykas who went a little overboard on the pizza and the Devil Dog Trifle. Oh, that describes most of us? LOL! Good luck with the half marathon! Have you ever tried spinning for...