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  1. Zbridget

    STS Body Rockers - Week of July 8th

    Good Morning BR-ers! Yesterday, I increased my milage to 6.4 miles in 69 minutes in my run! I am taking a much needed rest day today- legs a bit achy, and chaffing from my iPhone holder. Need to update my music for runs... I'm a bit nervous about RT- feeling guilty about going when I have...
  2. Zbridget

    Seriously, 8 changes of clothes?!?

    After reading the proposed packing list, I have to ask... Really? 8 changes of clothes? So after stinking up one outfit, i will shower, change into a fresh new outfit to stink up again? Am I just gross? Bridget
  3. Zbridget

    STS Body Rockers - Week of June 17th

    Happy father's day to all dads & dads to be in our lives! This week marks my one year anniversary in this check-in group! Thank you to all of you in motivating me to get through STS, suffering through my joy of spinning posts! You all have given me such motivation to continue on! This...
  4. Zbridget

    STS Body Rockers Easter Week

    A Blessed and Happy Easter to my Body Rocker friends! No workout for me yesterday or today, just enjoying my family- my parents are visiting from Buffalo- we went to Easter Vigil Mass last night, getting ready to assemble the basket to hide for DD this morning- less chocolate (but GOOD...
  5. Zbridget

    STS Body Rockers week of April Fools

    Hello Body Rockers! Starting a new thread- last Friday, went spinning in the morning, worked all day, then went back to the Y with dd for a swim. DD was loaded with energy, she was the only reason I went, I was beat- and wanted to go to bed. I didn't get too much done, I went through the...
  6. Zbridget

    STS Body Rockers week of March 18th

    New week body rockers! I took a rest day today, frankly I was relieved that I was still in motion after BM2 yesterday- just a dull healthy ache in my muscles today. We went to a St. Patrick's day party yesterday, I didn't drink too much- made a CB&C strudel with the leftovers courtesy of WW...
  7. Zbridget

    STS Body Rockers week of February 12th

    Starting a new thread- a day late- forgive me guys I did spin this morning- she extended the class to 60 minutes (usually 45) to increase the suffer-fest for those of us loyal enough to stay. I love morning exercise, it feels so good driving to work knowing that is done. This weekend...
  8. Zbridget

    STS Body Rockers week of February 5th

    Good Morning Body Rockers! I have been suffering since doing Intensity! on Friday morning- my calves are killing me! I don't know if it is due to being relatively new to high impact, if my sneakers are old, or a combination of the 2- I'm walking like an old lady! Maybe some yoga would be...
  9. Zbridget

    Apple TV question

    I cannot find this answer on the Apple site, so I am asking the expert technical minds at Is there a way to keep the time displayed when playing a workout? As a chronic clockwatcher when I exercise, I like knowing, and counting down, how much longer I need to work and I wish I...
  10. Zbridget

    STS Body Rockers week of January 8th

    Hey gang- no workouts for me this weekend- my workout was doing lots of laundry and cleaning up vomit- dd had a stomach bug. She hasn't vomited in almost 24 hours now, and is keeping down noodles & water- and overall looking better- plan on sending her to school tomorrow. Spinning...
  11. Zbridget

    STS Body Rockers- New Years 2012!!

    Happy New Years my body rocking, STS friends! Any new resolutions or fitness goals for this year that you all want to share? My goal is to continue my weight loss journey and get my BMI to the "green zone" - which is only 5 lbs away, and add a few more "buffer pounds" for good measure...
  12. Zbridget

    STS Body Rockers- Merry Christmas Week!

    Wishing my fitness friends a blessed & merry Christmas at the BR STS checkin! No workout for me today, celebrating with my family, opening presents- the only fitness gift under the tree for me- AppleTV- so I can stream my downloads effortlessly to my TV- but not today! Merry Christmas...
  13. Zbridget

    Cathe Barbell- like the old Firm one

    I have an old Firm barbell from 20 years ago- it weighs about 10lbs, is covered with foam and has spring lock ends on it for the weights. I have used it for 20 years, and haven't seen anything else like it out there- I find it perfect for working out. Perhaps would be interested...
  14. Zbridget

    I think I've committed a downloading sin

    I have been downloading workouts for the past year, and in the interest of space on my hard drive, once I move them to iTunes, I delete the file. I am just starting to use workout blender, and think that may have been a big mistake, as I cannot drag the files from iTunes to WB. Do I...
  15. Zbridget

    STS Body Rockers week of October 16th

    Bless me friends, for I have sinned. While at my conference in Boston, I lost track of my points, and since returning home, my eating has been out of control this weekend. On top of that, I haven't worked out since last Thursday morning- doing Travel Fit in the hotel room. Tomorrow, I...
  16. Zbridget

    STS Body Rockers week of October 9th

    Good evening friends. I am still resting, but feeling guilty about it. This is my first rest week without a vacation, illness or hurricane to correspond with the the week, so it feels a little weird- I may get up and do IMAX2 or Cardio & Weights- I'm missing the Activity Points with WW...
  17. Zbridget

    STS Body Rockers week of September 11th

    Starting a new thread for the week. Went to church picnic today- lovely weather, ate too much! Will not begin to calculate the point values, just behave myself for the rest of the week. Today was a rest day. Looked at my calendar, I worked out 8 days straight? This is a record for...
  18. Zbridget

    STS Body Rockers week of September 4th

    Hello gang Usually Sunday is a rest day for me, but because I did very little last week between my cold and hurricane, and because STS legs kicked my dupa yesterday, I felt the need to do something, so I did Cardio & Weights from the Intensity series. I felt so discouraged after STS...
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    STS Body Rockers - Week of August 7th

    Going out on a limb and starting the thread for the new week... WW question- again, I haven't done WW in a year, and the pointsplus is different than WW before. I have 29 points to use a day, and have difficulty meeting it. With most vegetables and fruits not carrying points, I find that...