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    Help Me Create a Rotation

    I love ICE & FIT Tower. I’ve done the 90 day ICE, FIT& Low Impact Rotation, but I would love to replace Low Impact with the Lite series. Does anyone have suggestions for a 90 day ICE, FIT Tower and Liite rotation? Thank you!
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    November 2020 Rotation ?

    Will we get a November 2020 rotation or should I assume that Perfect 30 is the Nov. rotation? I was hoping for a rotation with Perfect 30 and at least one other series.
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    On Demand App not working

    Does anyone else have a problem with the app working? Whenever I try to use the app, I get a message that the username and password are incorrect. I know that is false. I've tried to delete and reload the app, but that did not help. Any suggestions? Thanks.