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  1. rachel132

    Cycling Training

    I’m looking for advice from Cathe or anyone with training experience. My question is for advice on how to help my daughter improve her endurance. She is 5’2” and 210 pounds. We recently purchased bicycles and plan to train for a 75 miles charity bike ride (the Ride to Defeat ALS) in New...
  2. rachel132

    Bosu Ball

    I'd like to have the Bosu ball incorporated into some workouts. I did a thread search and it looks like there are others out there who enjoy the core challenge of the Bosu ball. I wonder if there is a restriction on instructors outside the Bosu company using them. Maybe that is why we haven't...
  3. rachel132

    Bosu Ball

    Posted in wrong forum.
  4. rachel132

    Cannot Access Nutrition Manager

    I purchased the 30 day trial and received a notification that there was an error and that my payment went through but I need to contact customer service to alert them that there is a problem. Please let me know if I need to anything in addition to this notification to have access to the...
  5. rachel132

    Downloads - Opinions

    Can I get some opinions on how people enjoy using the downloads at the gym? Is this basically the video on your phone? If so, I'm wondering how that works with how fast Cathe switches to a new excersize and all the variety that she puts into her videos. I am considering this option as my...
  6. rachel132

    Protein after weight lifting workouts

    I am under the impression that it is important to eat protein immediately after a weight lifting workout. Something to the affect of the muscles need that protein right away to begin repair and creating new tissue. Is this true? Not sure where I got that from. I workout at 6:00 a.m. and then...
  7. rachel132

    Completed Workout

    I have my workouts scheduled for the month in the workout calendar. I would then click the "completed" box and the calendar would update to show that a workout was comleted on a particular day. I am no longer able to click completed and have the calendar update to indicate such. I get a...
  8. rachel132

    Right Arm Weakness

    It is not news to me that my left arm is stronger than my right. Probably because of carrying around a 2 year old in my left. What did suprise me yesterday is how much stronger my left is. While doing week 1 of STS Hypertrophy Biceps and Back, I was cruising along just fine lifting 30 pounds...
  9. rachel132

    I need financial advice -- help!!

    Okay, my DH just told me he lost his job. His job was a fluke and the chances of finding a similar job with anything close to the pay is pretty much nil. He's been there 6 years - but was considered self employed, so no unemployment or package or anything at all. We will not be able to...
  10. rachel132

    Advice for the unflexible

    Hi Cathe! My DH is going to give STS a try. I'm worried he'll get frustrated because he is so unflexible he can't even tough his toes. I don't think he could do a squat in the correct position or if so, he'd barely go down. I'd like to give him some tips on format, but I'm not sure of the...
  11. rachel132

    Holy Superhero Pushup Strength Batman!

    I just finished Disc 1. That woman is insane with the pushups!!! Chest is my weakest muscle group, and pushups have always been a huge challenge. BUT After the 2nd set I couldn't complete any more sets even dropping to my knees and I couldn't even do the last set on my knees at all. I...
  12. rachel132

    Another 1RM question -- SORRY!

    I'm sure this is out there somewhere, I searched and the thought of weeding through all the 1RM posts is daunting. So, maybe someone can answer or copy a link. After we have our 1 rep max number, do we need to calculate the percentage for each exercise in a given workout (i.e., 60, 70 or...
  13. rachel132

    4 in 1 chin up OR Perfect Pull Up Bar

    Has anyone used either of these products? 4 in 1 Chin Up Perfect Bull Up Bar Just found an other possibility -- The easy effort chin up bar: I'm...
  14. rachel132

    Best Method

    Hi Cathe and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! I'm returning from a few months of not working out and it feels great! I did GS Legs a few days ago and I was not quite able to complete the workout (plus I've had hardcore DOMS for 3 days -- ouch, ouch whenever I move). I had to cut...
  15. rachel132

    Women for Women (very long about a charity)

    I thought I would share information about a program called Women for Women. This is a charity to support and teach women, who suffer from the consequences of war, ways to start over and ways to earn a living. Currently there is wide-spread violence, particularly violent rape, as a means of...
  16. rachel132

    My Completed Workouts Disappeared

    I worked out 6 days last week and had entered all the workouts as completed. They all showed up yesterday. I just went to log in tonights workout and they've all been deleted or something. Any ideas on what happened? Something similar happened recently with the nutrition manager in that I...
  17. rachel132

    Using the Nutrition Program

    I posted this in the workout manager issues section. Maybe this is a better place so I can see if anyone has any suggestions. I like to see A's at the end of the day, but I have trouble with the vitamins. I'm sure its mostly due to the fact that if I enter my own food by using the label on...
  18. rachel132

    Nutrition Page Question

    I like to see A's at the end of the day, but I have trouble with the vitamins. I'm sure its mostly due to the fact that if I enter my own food by using the label on the food item, it doesn't list all the vitamins. Also with the fat calculation, lables list fat in its entirety but in the...
  19. rachel132

    Strength Bar/Pull Up Tower

    Does anyone know the status of the strength bar/pull up tower patent? Is there any chance it will be available when STS arrives? Sonja.
  20. rachel132

    Problem with Calendar

    I am not able to access the calendar (or maybe I should I can't figure out how to do it). The instructions say I should be able to click on a day of my choice and then I will have options to enter what my schedule is for that day. I can't click on or enter any day on the calendar. Sonja